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Sun-in can DEFINITELY damage your hair. A friend of mine said it took her many years to grow it out of her hair and it made hers look dry and not a pretty shade of blonde. She regretted it!

I would consider getting some blonde highlights. Stick with honey blonde or golden blonde to avoid damage. If you go VERY light, like platinum blonde, it's more damaging. It's best to try to stick as close to your natural color as possible if you are worried about damage. Also, lighten your hair gradually. If you do wish to go platinum, it's best to not do it all at once and to go back to the salon a few times.

As a natural brunette, I went blonde by going back and getting highlights various times. Some people I knew didn't even know I was a brunette because they made it look natural! One time they used a pretty strong bleach that got my hair light VERY fast and I had a lot of breakage and dryness. When I went to salons that took their time and did more of a regular or golden blonde instead of platinum, my hair was so much healthier.

I'm not a blonde anymore because my hair stylist moved and it was getting too expensive, but if you are a brunette, you pretty much have to use some kind of bleach unless you want orangey/brassy hair. I did find one haircolorist who did highlights without bleach, but they were more of a dark golden/caramel blonde. They were nice looking too!

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