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Really dry skin...
Aug 31, 2008
hello everyone, I need some help on how to get rid of dry skin on my face. I have dry skin everywhere in general, but my face is what everyone looks at, and when I wear make-up it looks cakey and makes me look older. Please help. I don't want to be seen.

Thanks in advance!
Use a moisturizer for dry skin. I have dry skin as well and I use Nivea Creme (comes in a blue tub). It's pretty greasy but in a good way for my skin since it's so dry. This stuff makes it really dewey and moist, but not oily in a bad way.
You can try pretty much any moisturizer if you want as long as it works with your skin. Shop around. I personally like this stuff and use it religiously. My mother's been using creams like this all her life, she's in her 50s and people think that she's at least 10 years younger then she really is. So I believe in greasy moisturizers for dry skin.
Make sure you use it under makeup that way it won't look caked on.
I think you need a gentle exfoliating scrub, it gently takes off the dry layers.
I use one daily, and my skin never has the problem of looking cakey ,under makeup any more!
And of course use moisturizer, afterwards!
I do use nivea and also exfoliate, not daily but, I'll give it a try. The problem I have with nivea is that when I apply my makeup, within a couple hours, it's ran off, or somehow dissapears. Not that I dump the stuff on my face, but it seems not to last.

Also...does anyone know of a foundation especially for dry skin? I have tried even exspensive stuff, that looks shiney and flakey at the same time, and it seems to show the pores in my skin and even make them look larger, if that is possible. YUK! I have an important dinner meating with my husbands work in a couple of weeks and I want to look my best, not old and cakey.

PS. Do you ever get blemishes overdoing the moisture? I do:(

My skin loves the moisture so I don't get any problems with moisturizing or over-moisturizing.

I also do notice that makeup doesn't last as long when I put a lot of moisturizer on prior to putting makeup on. But I also don't put on a lot of makeup so it's easy to just reapply without having to wash my face and re-moisturize again.
There is makeup for dry skin, but I don't know of any specific brands/types off the top of my head (except for the ones I use). I use cheap stuff - Cover Girl Clean Makeup (the oil free version with the blue cap). It's only $4 and it works great on my skin. I have large pores and this makeup doesn't make them look worse or larger. The right shade really makes a difference and with the moisturizer makes my skin look really healthy.

I guess the only other option you could try is moisturizing makeup that creates the dewey look. They have various ones... I know Clinique has one but I've never tried that - too expensive. I've tried Max Factor Whipped Creme moisturizing makeup. It's really runny and feels kind of wet when I put it on my skin. It works great for dry skin, but I find that it doesn't last very long at all. A few hours and it looks like you didn't even apply makeup on, so you have to reapply more frequently.
You could always try one of those moisturizing makeup versions and see if they work for you.
Hey Ellie, thanks, when I said I tried even the exspensive brand of makeup, it was Clinique I was talking about. Not recomended unless you have flawless skin to begin with. Cover girl clean makeup is what I use now, (cause I'm cheap) and it use to be the best makeup I'd ever used, but my skin has drasticlly changed within the past 6 months, it's sad. I just don't know what to try next. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on trying makeup. I got bills to pay;) LOL I"m in my 40's and I am trying to hold on to the last few years of youth, and I am losing. :(
Totally understandable. I'm a college student... I don't have a ton of money to spend on makeup either. Why has you skin changed drastically in such a period of time? If there is a specific reason for that, try and fix it. Skin is important. I'm only 22 and with my huge pores I sometimes wonder what I'm gonna look like in 10 or 20 years (scary) but then again I look at my mother who has the same skin type and looks a lot younger then her age and I feel a lot better knowing that she uses/used the same products as I do (minus makeup... she never wore foundation in her life). Hopefully that doesn't have a hugely negative effect on skin.

I guess all you can do is eat a healthy diet, hydrate, moisturize (with SPF!) and use makeup that works with your skin.
Not really sure what I have done that is different, maybe stress. Could that dry your skin? HUMM Does anyone know anything about Noxema face cleanser? I've been useing that because it says it cleans without overdrying. But I'm not sure if maybe it dosen't still dry to much. This is extremely frustrating to me.

Use to be in the summer my face would be fine, not dry at all because I guess of all the humidity. But Now it's all year round. Is this where the term dried up ole' lady comes from. LOL:eek:

So glad I can be of help! first, to hydrate your skin use NaPca.It comes in a spray bottle, made by Twinlabs. It is the molecular twin of the compound your body produces to moisturize. As we get older(other reasons too.) less and less is made. Spray it on your fingers,pat it on. Try to find a fragrance free,oil free creme for your face.To lock in the moisture, I suggest Jojoba oil. Get the clear kind. It is the only oil that has a detergent -like action,will not clog pores. Very important... never use soap.never. Aveeno puts out a good soapless cleansing bar. I spent 25yrs in every area of the beauty world. I'm 52yrs old without a wrinkle.(I have had NO sun exposure) and look35. Let me know how things are working. The foundation you mentioned is drying to the skin. This routine i've mapped out is good for oily skin as well. Sometimes oily skin is desperate for moisture.

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