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My Daughter has very thick shoulder length hair. Well, she put dark brown hair color on it and it is jet black and looks awful on her. I told her we need to lighten it then put highlights in it. Can anyone tell me the best way to lighten it without totally stripping the color? Just a shade or two lighter would be great. Is there another color I can put on it maybe like a dark blond or something? I don't have a clue but she really can't afford a beauty shop trip. Any help would be really appreciated.
I had this happen to me before!!!
Did she put semi-permanent, demi-permanent, or permanent in her hair?? Something that I tried and it helped lift the color out was wash it a couple times with Prell shampoo... and then sometimes I'd mix it with baking soda and let it sit in my hair for a while and this helped A LOT, but be careful it'll dry out her hair so be sure to use lots of conditioner!! The dark blonde idea wouldn't work... because you can't place color dye over color.. the only way to get it lifted is with bleach, but I would suggest having her wait a few days/weeks and it'll eventually fade, but if you try the things I tried trust me, it helped me out A LOT!!!
Washing it a bunch of times should fade it out... if not, then try a strong shampoo or dishwashing liquid. Wash it with that once and then do a deep conditioning treatment so it won't damage her hair.

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