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[QUOTE=caramonaco;3777109]I have very dark (nearly black) hair. I wanted to put a few streaks of fun color in my hair myself, but I know in order to do so I would need to lighten the strands first.
I have dyed my hair years before, I often got highlights in middle school, but my hair is natural right now and has not be dyed in at least 4 years.

I'm a college student and I live in a dorm. I don't have the money or the ability to get to a salon, and I wanted to try out a home remedy, so please do not suggest the obiviously better idea of getting it professionally done.:)

My questions are: Can I use hydrogen peroxide to lighten a few strands and then dye over it?
How do I apply hydrogen peroxide?
How long after do i wait before dying over the lightened strands?
Is there a specific type of dye to use after lightening?
If hydrogen peroxide is a bad idea, what is a better alternative?

Thanks for the advice![/QUOTE]

Theoretically you could use hydrogen peroxide, however, since your hair is so dark it probably wouldn't work that well. It would lighten somewhat but would be very reddish/orangey and I doubt that you want that result. It will not lighten enough to look like highlights.
I have light brown hair and I've tried this without much success.

If you want to lighten hair significantly you will have to go to a beauty supply store (like Sally Beauty) and get a 30vol developer and a lightening agent, such as Clairol 7th stage or Clairol Born Blonde Creme lightener (I just did this two days ago). I would recommend Born Blonde. I used 7th Stage and found it difficult to work with because the bleach is blue so you can't see how your color is lightening and changing. Born Blonde Creme is white so then you will be able to see your hair change.
Since you're doing highlights you can simply foil those. The instructions on how to do that are on the bottles; basically all you need to do is mix 4oz of the developer with 2oz of the lightener (more or less depending on how many highlights you want).

After that you'd have to wait about 24 hours before dyeing them.
These products are very affordable... between $3-5. So you can do this yourself at home for less then $15 and at a salon it would cost at least $60.

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