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Hello everyone. I am using retin-a and it's great for my acne and little by little it's improving all the sun damage, but I haven't been able to find the right cover up that will stay on without flaking off because my skin's dry.

I hope some of you have ideas.

My skin doesn't look good enough to go without some kind of cover.

Thank you so much!

hi salty..
i too have very dry skin..
i tried the bare minerals, but after awhile, it was makeing my lines and wrinkles look bad!!
so i dont do that anymore, besides, it made my face itch!!
i now use clinique moisture wear, i dint have to use much, its a tient, but covers well and gives me the dewy look i want!
good luck!
btw, i tried to use retin a, but my skin is to sensitive to it!
Where do you get the Clinique moisture wear?... I looked it up but can't seem to find a foundation by that name; the only one that comes close is Supermoisture Makeup. That's what I've been looking to find for ages since I need light coverage and I like the fresh look.
bren, thanks so much for responding. I didn't think anyone would. The bare minerals did the same to me.

Are you talking about the Clinique Sheer Tint SPF 15?

Thank you!

EllieFrog, what do you mean that you've been looking for it for ages--do you mean the one bren is talking about?

hi girls.
ellie is right!
its the supermoisture makeup!!!
i love this!
great for dry skin!
i use a primer underneath it, and a very lihjy powder to set it!
i also use a mouse blush instead of a powder blush, and cream eye shadow when i wear eye shadow,....
hope this helps!
Okay, bren. So it's clinique's supermoisture makeup--just out of curiousity do you use the neutral shade, beige, what?

What kind of primer do you use?

Is it good for your skin?

Thank you!

hi salty
mine is 06 neutral!
the primer i use right now is called prime time by bare vitamins, thas made by the company of bare essentials, its good, but next time iam going to try one from sally hansens new neutral makeup line that carmindy from what not to wear has..
bigger bottle and omly 10.00!!!!
i dont know if it will be as good??
but, ill try it, just to save a little...
the moisture makeup is good for my skin!!
i dont get that dry feeling through the day!!!
covers good, and love that dewy look!!
works for me!
Thank you, Bren. I'm going to order it.

Ellie, I understand now, thanks for giving us the right one.

I've heard good things about this one too (for dry skin)! I definitely wouldn't suggest Bare Minerals for dry skin. My skin is normal/combination and I felt it would make my skin feel dry (especially around my eyes) and normally don't even have this problem. Many powder foundations don't work well for dry skin and may make you look drier.
Bren, how do you do your powder to set? Do you use a big brush and loose powder--what?

What kind of powder? What color?

Still waiting on my foundation to come.

Thank you,
I completely agree tUrRrRa. I wanted it to work because I know it's good for your skin, but I can't use it at all...makes my dry skin look even more dry.

Thanks for writing.

I used to love Bare Minerals but then I too found out that it seemed to make my dry skin look worse. I do exfolliate and use Pond's for dry skin which has helped. I used to buy Clinique and some more expensive creams but for the price .....Pond's works just as well.

I do use a tinted moisturizer for daily use and found that "Boots" (found in Target) has a nice line of cream foundations that work really well for dry skin!
Thank you, chooky. I used to use Pond's. I need to go back to it. I will look at the Boots line at Target. I like the clinique foundation. It's good. The only thing I worry a little about is that it's clogging my pores. But other than that, I really like it.

Thanks much for your post.

hi salty!
you asked about how i set the foundation?
well, any loose powder will do, i use a compact one because its more conveniant and dosent make a mess like the loose does..
ive used many, such as clinque, and lancome,nyc is good too..
i get it at walmart for 1.00!!!!
gotta love the price there!
i just start with my foundation, then conceler, and set with powder..
then follow woth eyeshadow,brows,blush,lips,
thats it!
Thanks, Bren. Just got your response...been sick with the flu for what seemed like forever.

I love the foundation, only thing is I think I am breaking out from it.

I just recently mixed it with another foundation that isn't supposed to clog pores...but I still am breaking out.

Any trouble with this? Anyone else notice this?

I hate to give it up because it's just what I's really creamy and dewy.

Any ideas? I really hope it's not the foundation, but I don't know what else to think.

I have the same type of skin & use Erth Minerals. I find that the more fine particle size is more kind to my dry areas.
Thanks, janierose. I appreciate you writing.


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