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Thanks for replying so fast, imtuppence. Here are some answers to your questions:

1. My natural color is dirty blonde.

2. No, my hair is not virgin. It has been bleached a few times, retouched many times, and dyed with only semi-permanent dyes over the last three years.

3. The dyes I used were Clairol Beautiful Collection jet black and Clairol Jazzing ruby red.

4. The colors did overlap in some spots on the hair, but the liquid dyes were never actually combined.

The only brand I have found that sticks to my hair and results in the proper color is Manic Panic, but I really did not want to spend $10 on a vial of red Manic Panic to dye three inches of hair.

Should I try a permanent black dye? Do you think it will be okay to use over the failed semi-permanent dye? If I can get a refund from the store I got my current dyes from, I may put it toward permanent black dye and just color my red tips with a Crayola washable marker (which I have learned is a good way to add temporary color streaks).
My hair had no old color on it - that "purple" I had previously washed out entirely. And my hair is currently bleached blonde and at what I think is level 8 (golden blonde). Is there any chance Kool-Aid may have made a difference? I "dyed" my hair twice with Kool-Aid in the last couple of weeks.

I spoke to one of the ladies at the beauty supply store and she said that my hair might be too soft and that any semi-permanent black dye I use will turn out this odd brown color.

I might just go with jet-black Manic Panic - that is the only brand I have ever tried that seems to stick to my hair and turn out the way it should, even over other dyes. I've only washed my hair once since I dyed it and the color is fading even without washing! :eek:

As for my red tips...I'm just going to get some Crayola markers and draw them in. I don't care if that washes out or not because I can get those tips trimmed off or dye over them with black if the ink doesn't come out.

Thanks very much for your help.

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