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I'm wondering if it's better to get a non-ammonia or peroxide color or a regular hair coloring box with both or one of those in it.
***You need peroxide in the color in order to lighten the hair. If you are doing deposit only(same color or darker than natural), the semi permanent will work.
Also I have fair/olive skin with Dark brown hair. Just want to lighten it to a caramel/lighter brown.
***If you could tell me your color in respects to someone famous, because dark brown means different things to different people...Say is it as dark as Eva Longoria? Dark brown in the eyes of a professional, is probably almost black in the eyes of a layman.

What do you do about roots?
***To begin with is your hair virgin, or is there still existing color? Important to know before starting application.

Do you recolor the whole head?
***Once the hair is colored your desired shade, any further color would involve applying color to your roots for probably 2/3 the time, followed by pulling it through to your ends( example... if the color requires 30 minutes processing time, section the hair from ear to ear, and from centre forehead to back of nape. Apply to each 1/4 starting the back 2 sections first, followed by the front 2 sections, set a timer for 15-20 which time you comb it through to the ends(hope you saved enough color to do this). Set the timer for another 15 minutes.

Is there anything special to buy for it?
***If your hair is in poor shape, reconstructing it with protien would help to strengthen it in turn possibly helping the fadage factor. When hair is in poor shape, the cuticle won't stay closed, therefore causing fast fadage.

What product line and colors do you recommend?
***Not very familiar with non professional product, but will continue to help out the best I can. Keep in mind, if you are from the U.S., as a layman I believe you can purchase from a beauty supply, and this is the route I would go if in fact you can get away with it. Long and short of it is...chosing the correct color and peroxide strength to begin with, rather than putting on a very light shade in hopes of it going light enough is not the way to do it and would create as much if not more damage than bleaching your hair to begin with, because the majority of blonde shades require extra lift resulting in higher volumes of peroxide, and most definitely contain higher levels of ammonia.

Thanks for your help. I just hate it when the brown fade and turns really brassy.[/QUOTE]
***Let me leave you with this and hopefully it doesn't confuse you too much...And also remember to shower with a cooler temp as heat forces the cuticle open, hence aiding in color loss. Not shampooing for 24-48 hours also allows the cuticle to close, helping to minimize fading.

Good luck

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