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There was a fantastic book that was out in the 80's called Color Me Beautiful.
I bet you can find it at your library. It breaks skin tone into the four seasons of the year and tells you your ideal colors for clothing and make up. It's so worthwhile.
I believe the author is Carole Jackson.
Concerning cosmetics there are 2 colour types, warm and cool. The best way to test this is to put a piece of fabric up around your neck [not too tight - I don't want to be responsible for a strangulation :)]
A white cloth with make your complexion look fresh and bright, this suits cool colours, pinkier foundations, bright pinks, bright reds, corals, light blues, aqua, light greens, light grey, black and silvers. Clothes basics, black and white.

If you put a cream cloth up to your face and it looks warm and softening then the cosmetics for you are beige foundations, browns, sand, cream, dark blues, mossy greens, mahogany, maroons, dark gray, teal, dark red wine lipsticks, gold and copper tones and burnished pinks, muted pale blue and green.

This would also translate to your wardrobe. Look around next time you are at a shopping center and you will notice women that seem to get it all right and others that seem to miss something. Also, talk to cosmetic sales people and look at clothes displays in store windows. These colour combination's have been arranged by professionals.

Also, ask your friends what they think and listen and remember when you are complimented on your outfit or make up. Every little bit of input helps you to put your colours together the best way for you.

All the best,


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