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I don't know if it's the same but it looks close to Clinique Lash Power, which I use occasionally (only because I got it for free, I would never buy it). I personally think it resembles liquid eyeliner [I]a lot[/I] based on the consistency, the way it looks, and the way it washes off. It dries kind of rubbery and makes your eyelashes longer, but not really fuller. It also takes a really long time to dry which makes lashes stick together very easily.
I always have to go through them multiple times with a tootpick (literally) to separate the lashes otherwise they get stuck together and look horrible.

It's okay but I would definitely never buy it. It does wash off easier and better than regular mascaras since it comes off easily, it rubs off and resembles rubber... just like liquid eyeliner; so that makes it "waterproof", as it won't come off if you cry, but it does wash off with just water. Anyway, I'm not sure if the the mascaras are exactly the same since they're made by a different company but the concept is exactly the same. Not something I would spend my money on. I prefer Neutrogena Healthy Volume. Best mascara by far and it's good for lashes as well.

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