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Unless you have really dark upper lip hair don't epilate. Bleach is preferable if the hair is not too thick or coarse.

As you are asking for direction advice I assume you are waxing or similar. In which case apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth, this is usually center lip to outer lip: right on the left upper lip and left on the right upper lip. Apply the fabric strip in the direction of hair growth, same as above. Smooth the strip in that direction to adhere to as many hairs as possible. Hold skin taut and pull the strip up in the opposite direction to the growth. Apply to one side only at a time. Repeat only once if required. This would be my last resort to hair removal as once you have done it, the hair will regrow and needs to be removed again in about 6 weeks. Any epilation needs to follow the same guidelines and for legs and pubic hair much smaller areas must be done. The skin around the pubic area is very delicate and each epilation should be no larger than 3 cms. round. Larger than this will cause bruising and possibly bleeding.

I hope this information has been helpful.


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