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Hi there! First of all, you need to stop washing your face so often. Overwashing it can actually make your face produce even MORE oil. You should just wash your face about twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. If you absolutely must, you can do it once in the middle of the day too. Just make sure you aren't using a harsh soap. Use a gentle cleanser.

For the oil, it might be hormone related. I used to have very oily skin and it got better on its own with time. The good thing about oily skin is that it helps keep your skin looking good when you get older and less a chance of wrinkles.

Clean & Clear brand sells some little blue plastic sheets that are great! If there is a lot of oil, you will go through them fast, but they work and they are good because you don't have to put different products on your skin. They're just called "Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets" near the skincare products and they're about $5-6. I used to use these all the time! I've tried other blotting papers and different lotions that are supposed to help with oil, but they didn't work all that great and I always went back to these blue sheets. You can just carry some of the sheets in your pocket or wallet and they are so easy and quick to use!

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