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I have light to dark brown hair. I repeatedly wind up with red, chunky highlights even though I ask for very thin strands to be highlighted to the lightest blonde they can achieve using color-. I am now on the fifth salon in town. I am ready to do this myself. I am tired of spending $100 plus for a bad home job if I can do it for less..ha ha

How do I fix this and learn to do it myself in the future? I would be happy with just highlights around my face and crown, which I can get to myself. Thanks for any help! I just had it done yesterday and do not know where to go from here. I have long stopped going back to ask for corrections. It only seems to get worst.
Saying your hair is light to dark brown is pretty vague. It's either light or dark. Natural haircolor will lighten up to 5 levels without bleaching. The under lying pigment needs to be taken into consideration when deciding the choice of color or bleach. If you say your hair is dark brown, the underlying pigment will be red, or at lightest red/orange, therefore a pale blonde WILL NEVER be achieved using color only.

There may be communication issues between you and your stylist, which is part of the reason you are ending up with undesirable results. Your stylists may also not be completely understanding the theory of color, or chemistry, hence again, undesirable results.

Sounds to me like you need to bleach in order to achieve the blonde you desire.

Good luck,
Agreed. You need to bleach the strands... and yes, you can do it yourself at home for around $20 as opposed to spending hundreds at the salon. I learned to bleach my own hair after a bad salon experience. You just need to leave the bleach on long enough till it turns the pale yellow color (and than tone it, if you want). If you don't leave it on long enough you will end up with the red/orange/brassy highlights that you're trying to eliminate.
Agreed! With any darker hair color, you will need BLEACH, not dye, if you are going for a light blonde color. I was able to get my naturally medium brown hair a golden blonde one time at a particular salon with dye, but every other time, they have used bleach. I get my highlights a lighter blonde color and don't like them too golden or they don't show up enough for my taste since I get it highlighted pretty heavily. I also get toner put on my hair to take out any brassy tones. Some salons do cost more to use bleach and/or toner, but many charge the same rate as the regular highlights.

I have colored my own hair at home many times just fine, but I know I wouldn't be good at highlighting it myself, so I just go to a salon. It can be pricey since my hair is long and thick, but I know I wouldn't do a good job highlight the back of my hair on my own. I go to the Toni & Guy hair salon chain. Unfortunately it can be hard to find the right colorist/stylist. I always take photos with me to show my colorist. I just started going to this location and luckily they got it right how I wanted on the first try!
Go to a good salon and ask for a blonde weave. Show them the color. A good colorist makes all the difference. Make sure she understands you want super thin strands if you are looking for a natural look. When you see someone with hair that you want just ask them where they had it done. They will be flattered not offended.
I have an awesome colorist and have used her for 8 yrs. My daughter(19) has always used her as well. The last couple of times she decided to try new people. What a mistake! She has decided to go back to Marion. When you get a good person keep them.
Good Luck,
Sophie 56

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