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Like the other ladies mentioned: get a good moisturizer. As well, spritz your face with some spring water or mineral water (evian has an actual facial spray, but you don't have to spend all kinds of money to get that, just get a bottle of water and a spray bottle) and let it sit then moisturize. I was told by one of the artists at MAC that moisturizer will only seal in what moisture's already in there, so if you spritz and moisturize it will lock the hydration in there.

I *have* heard that potatoes work to get redness out of your eyes though. You could probably find some natural remedies that will help with the puffiness and redness if you poke around the internet.

As far as moisturizers go I have extremely sensitive skin so the only thing I've found that works well is clinique's dramatically different moisturizing lotion and I've also been using their comfort cream to sooth my skin in the winter months. They're pricey, but work well, I find and is very gentle on sensitive skin.

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