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Re: White scars
May 15, 2009
White scars are from shallow scrapes on the skin. I used vitamin e capsules. I pierce the capsule with a pin and apply the oil on the top of the scar. It'll take a long time before the scar disappers.
Re: White scars
May 21, 2009
It really depends on the type of scar. White scars are not always necessarily indented. I have a couple white scars from cuts on my arm and one on my leg that are really small and white, but they're raised. They have been there for years and have not faded or disappeared.
I have read tons of information about scars (and stretch marks); the conclusion is basically that you cannot get rid of scars with topical creams (such as Mederma, vitamin E, Bio Oil, and all other scar reducing creams). They do not work. They do improve the appearance because they moisturize the area, but once the moisture is gone the scars and marks look the same as they did before. Basically, DON'T waste your money.

I have, however, read a cosmetic research book that mentiones a product (don't know the name of it), but basically it is made of silicone. I guess they are some type of silicone sheets that can be applied to the skin (on raised scars only, it will not work on deep scars), and it fades them significantly. You might want to do some research on that if you have raised white scars, if not than it wouldn't be worth your money.
Other than that all you can really do is talk to a dermatologist about laser procedures since topical treatments won't do you any good.

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