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This answer depends on what you are looking for. Do you want more of a natural difference or something more dramatic? Many people like Jergens Natural Glow for a subtle difference. It doesn't give me as much color as I want (I'm naturally very fair and like to have a pretty dark tan) and yes, the color builds, but I have to shave often and then the color comes completely off on my legs! I do use Ocean Potion's gradual self tanner sometimes. It's similar to Jergens with the color, but it has a better scent to me. All self tanners have a little bit of a funny smell, but some are stronger than others. The Ocean Potion one is also very inexpensive. It's about $4 for a large bottle, much larger than Jergens or other brands. I can only seem to find it at Walmart.

For a little more color, so far Neutrogena Micromist is my favorite. I get the one that makes you 3 shades darker (they have a 2 shades one too). It's so easy to use and dries quickly. The color looks nice on me and the smell isn't too strong. The fact that it's so fast makes it my favorite. It also doesn't rub off on my clothes since the spray itself is colorless.

Just be sure to moisturize and exfoliate beforehand so you don't get streaky. Any self tanner will come out bad if it's not applied well. Another tip: only apply a light coating at first. You can always add more, but you don't want way too much or your tan will look fake. An orange tan is never good!

I may try some new tanners soon and will let you know if I find any other good ones. Is anyone else has any of the misting self tanners that you like, let us know because I'd gladly try some new ones! I am not a fan of the foaming kinds because the smell seems stronger. Also, the tinted ones will rub off on clothes, so if you use them, be sure to wear old clothes at first until you shower.
Thanks for the advice. I went to Walmart this morning and bought Hawian Tropic self tanner. I let you know how it works.

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