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Just to let you know that all tanning lotions are virtually the same. They ALL contain a chemical called dihydroxyacetone - which is the chemical that turns skin brown. Some tanners just contain more or less of it depending on the level of darkness that it's supposed to produce. The only difference between tanners is the amount and type of other ingredients - ones that affect color of the lotion itself, scent, etc.
How your skin reacts to one tanner is the same way that it will react to all of them. If it looks orange to you, than it doesn't matter which tanner you get, it will still produce the same results.

The best thing you can do before trying a tanner is exfoliating really well in the shower. Make sure to moisturize your skin about 30-60 minutes before applying the tanner; that will ensure that your skin is smooth and moisturized so the tanner will glide on smoothly and your tan won't look patchy. Use it sparingly on wrinkled/dry areas such as knees, elbows, tops of hands and feet. Apply a light coat and wait till the color develops; that way if you miss spots or it's not dark enough you can reapply till you achieve the desired shade. Once you achieve the desired shade than you can reapply the lotion once every couple of days. You have to make sure that you exfoliate lightly before each application otherwise the tan will fade unevenly and there is nothing worse than having patchy, diseased looking skin. (I've experienced that way too many times.)

As far as the face is concerned... they are all the same. There is nothing extra special about tanners that are labeled "for face"... it's the same thing as the lotion designed for the body, just more expensive and comes in a much smaller bottle/tube. It's a great marketing strategy and nothing more. The companies know that facial skin cells shed faster since most people wash their face more than the rest of the body, so the lotion needs to be reapplied more frequently. They put the regular tanning lotion into a tiny bottle, slap on a huge price, and market it as "for the face" when in reality it's exactly the same as the stuff labeled "for the body." Just a great way for them to make money.
If you are going to use a tanner on the face make sure to also exfoliate your face. Avoid applying it around the hairline, eyebrows, and lips because the tanner tends to collect in those areas and make them darker... you'd look like you're wearing a weird, dirty mask.
I personally don't use self-tanners on the face because I wash my face and exfoliate my face frequently, so the tanner fades pretty quickly - in like a day or two and that's just not worth it for me... plus I don't like the way that it looks. I prefer to tan my body and I just use a makeup bronzer on my face to even things out... or I've also used a darker shade of foundation than usual... that can work okay but you have to be careful with application so that it doesn't look fake and caked on.

Basically, what you need to know is to exfoliate well and frequently after reach application. Use sparingly around certain areas. All tanners are virtually the same... they all produce the same color and have an obnoxious smell (thankfully that washes off in the shower). And don't bother buying a separate one for the face, you'd be throwing your money away.

[I personally use L'Oreal Sublime Glow because it produces the right amount of color in one application, and I like that it contains shimmer so it makes skin shiny and healthy in appearance.]

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