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So, I always hear people say not to wash your face more than two times a day, and for some people, only once per day is enough. I wash my face once in the morning and once at night.

This has always worked for me, but now I have one new issue. I usually work out at night, but recently I've started working out during my lunch break and then I work out more at night since I end up only having about 1/2 an hour during lunch (to account for time to get there and back). I do very vigorous exercises and sweat a lot, and now my skin has been acting up. I've been removing my makeup and splashing my face with water and gently using a towel to clean it, but not a full face wash. I've been getting acne worse now after working out in the middle of the day. I don't want to have to sacrifice good skin, but will not give up my workouts!

In this case, would it be okay to wash my face three times a day with a gentle cleanser? Makeup remover and water have NOT been enough. I also absolutely have to wash my face at night and morning and my skin is not so great without it. I'd appreciate any tips if any of you have dealt with this!
The tip says: Wash your face with MILD soap-free formula twice a day AND WHENEVER IT'S EXPOSED TO ENVIRONMENTAL DIRT.
Exercise causes a lot of oil & sweat to come out of your skin which helps clog the pores & that agravates acne eruption.
Another issue is if you are doing your workout outdoors there's alot of environmental pollution & dirt that stick to your sweaty face & worsen the condition.
One more thing is if you do this in a gym, it's well-known that gyms are contaminated with germs that aggravate the acne & cause them to get infected.
My advice to you is to use a gentle foaming or gel cleanser day, night, & after working out. You can use a light-weight moisturizer once daily to avoid dehydrating your skin. Dont forget as well to remove your make up before going to bed, in this i prefere to use milk make-up remover followed by gel wash-off cleanser. As a moisturizer you can use extra virgin olive oil that nourishes & rehydrates your skin, use it at night after cleansing your face when going to bed.

Best wishes:cool:

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