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When hair is bleached the pigment is removed and must be replaced. Best results would be to add gold, as in light golden brown, to fill.

A semi/demi would be a good choice as you are wanting to deposit only, however, will fade with every shampoo, probably more than you want as there is nothing for the color to hold on to.

Too many people give permanent color a bad wrap. It's not going to damage your hair any more than it's already damaged from the prior bleaching unless you are not applying it correctly.

My advice....
Get yourself a semi permanent color as in the light golden brown I suggested earlier, and use it as a filler. After you complete this step follow it up with something more permanent, so it will actually penetrate inside the hairshaft as opposed to just staining the outer layer. (by this I mean no more than a 10 or 20 volume peroxide). Don't be discouraged as you most likely will still get more fadage than you wish, but keep in mind, until you get the color molecules back in the shaft to accept the color nothing will hold.

Hot water opens the cuticle, thus aiding in fadage, therefore, wait at least 24 hours after coloring(as this process also opens the cuticle) to shampoo and use tepid water when doing so.

Good luck...and if all else fails, see a professional.

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