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[QUOTE=Dragonomine;4083673]Um... I'm 41, have implants an no sag. tyvm[/QUOTE]

Usually WITH implants, you won't get sagging! I think the sagging would be more true for very large natural breasts. Some people are lucky and STILL don't have sagging! I've heard that it's very helpful to avoid yo-yo dieting and to always wear supportive bras, especially while exercising.

I'd say I'm average sized and I still wish I were a bit bigger! I wish I were a D cup, but I know that will never happen. I know there are good and bad about both ways. I'd chicken out to get surgery because I'd worry that it wouldn't turn out exactly as planned... I'd rather just buy some really great fitting bras that make the most of what I've got! I also wear what goes best for my figure. I like push-up bras best because they fit great and make me feel confident. A great-fitting bra doesn't need a lot of padding or anything to make you look great.

I also try to focus on the overall look and not focus on my flaws :) If I can work out and watch my diet and stay in good shape, I'd rather be that way then out of shape with big boobs!

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