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Ah well I'm definitley no busty beauty, very tiny (a little A cup)- hehe. Though I am sometimes insecure about them, I do feel that I am proportionate for my height. I'm barely five feet and weigh about a 100 pounds. I personally think that proportion should be considered, but most importantly your self-esteem and happiness.

I've learned to dress my petite little friends up with cute and sexy bras! Thooough, it can be a pain finding the right sizes, shopping online is the best since they most likely have your size! Confidence and posture are key.

However, I may consider getting implants at a later date... (when the funds are available!) I don't think you should feel ashamed about considering plastic surgery and especially about your small breasts for the rest of your life... you are a beautiful person whether or not you are a AA or a massive F cup! Though do consider the fact that it's always best to have less on the chest! *^_^*
Hey There,

I have exactly the same problem. I'm a 34AA, mother of a 3 year old son and very very down about my chest. It's not just that they're small and saggy or "sloped", it's that one is bigger than the other too. Every time I shower or put a bra on, I just break out in tears. My boyfriend tells me that I'm prefect and all that, but it just makes me feel worse. I mean, for a woman her chest is important, and even looking for underwear upsets me, all these catalouge photos of women with beautiful curves and stunning physiques, it bothers me that I'm skinny and flat chested. I got bullied at school over it all the time, and people don't realise that mentioning a flat chest, well it cuts deep doesn't it?

I hate when a bra ends up with a broken wire or washes out and looks awful, it means buying a new bra for boobs that just have no point.

People always say they're jealous, that being thin and flat chested is the "Model" look they want. What they don't realise is that just because boobs are small, doesn't mean they are immune from gravity. And I'd never dream of wearing half the things that models wear - like backless dresses. I always wear bras with loads of padding and cup size boosters - which just makes me feel like an imposter. I literally have no sexy, silky bras, no lace, no push-up bras.

I keep saying to my boyfriend that it makes me depressed and feel like I'm not a woman, and he just tells me he loves me. But he wouldn't say the same things he said to me if he was small where it matters to a man, would he? He'd be upset and depressed and miserable, emasculated and he'd never feel sexy either. I feel like a child, and I hate getting upset over it because there's nothing I can do about it.

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