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I agree that unfortunately you can't just do one or another, or you may not get the results you want. Another option is that you can do a full color, then go over with highlights. It may depend on your hairstylist/colorist and what they think would be best. My stylist paints on my highlights rather than using foils or caps, so she can see where the color goes. I like this because she can add different colors (brown AND blonde) and only where I need it. This way, the ends of my hair don't get way lighter than the roots. This can also work for covering grays. It costs a bit more, but it's been very worth it for me having my color turn out exactly how I hoped for. The cap method wouldn't work very well for covering grays, but you can do this with foils as long as you get both the highlights and lowlights. If your stylist can get the colors right, he or she may even be able to dye the roots your natural color (ONLY the roots), then go and touch up the highlights. Depends on their skills!

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