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Currently, my hair is super dark brown, almost black. I really like my hair dark, but am kind of bored with it. I'm also tired of tinting my eyebrows a darker shade. Just adds extra make-up to my face, and looks heavy. And sometimes I find the dark a little too harsh against my skin. I'm fairly pale, with some freckles around the bridge of my nose. My natural hair color is a plain, dull, boring, medium brown. When my roots come in, I find it looks like I'm balding cause they're so much lighter than the rest of my hair. But when I was blond, and my roots came in, they looked black. So, I can't win. I really don't want to dye my hair a chestnut, or a more vibrant medium brown. I get easily bored with regular brown colors, so I know that won't last on me. But what is an ideal color for someone like me? A color that can make me look a little more tan, or that at least won't wash me out? Help!:dizzy:

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