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I am surprised that your hairstylist wants to use YELLOW highlights! That does not sound appealing one bit, especially since most people want the brassy tones that tend to look yellow or orange to NOT be in their hair. I know a lot of people who get golden blonde highlights, and with time, they start to get brassy and might get that yellow-ish look. I always make sure they use toner after getting my highlights done to keep them from going yellow/orange. I also like to bring in photos to show that I want a "cool-toned blonde." They should definitely be able to use a toner to get too much gold out of a color. I don't know much personally about silver highlights, but the previous poster has some good advice to mention to your stylist. I'd also bring in a photo. If she still does not understand, I might ask around people you know to see if any of them might know a stylist who has experience with this. Best of luck to you!

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