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I have had very oily skin all my life. Fortunately, I do not have acne or real bad breakouts because of it. I do, however, have the hardest time finding good make-up (Foundation and powder) that works well.

Does anyone have suggesstions? Have you used any make-up in particular that works well with oily skin?
Maybelline makeup works really doctor told me to use it because I went to see him when I had really bad breakouts..It's good for oily skin because it's oil free but since I used it when I really had bad breakouts my face is mostly clear and I don't break out that much anymore...Good Luck! chick4u

I'm using the Mary Kay oil free liquid makeup, and really like it. I have some scars, so I also use Dermablend for those, on top of the Mary Kay. I didn't realize that Mary Kay had a whole oil free line. I just place an order now and then from a friend who uses a lot of Mary Kay. She swears by their 'acne prone' foundation, and she doesn't have acne. I will try that next. She says it is even better than the oil free. I have oily skin, so I'm always looking for things, esp. in the summer, to absorb oil.

BTW - it isn't a bad thing, according to my derm, to have oily skin. As we age, it will be a blessing, and will help us to wrinkle less.

I use to have real bad oily skin until I started using Neutrogena Oil-free face wash and they also make oil-free makeup. The make-up is great it has something in it that makes your face stay clear and won't breakout at all. All Neutrogena products work great!


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