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I died my hair a reddish color a long time ago and now I want to get out the reddish color and have brown hair with blonds highlights. Any suggestions?

I can tell you from all my years of dying my hair that red is the hardest to get out of your hair. Even if you were to dye it brown over it, the red would still show thru as a highlight type thing. My suggestion (which I've had to have done on many occasions), is to have it stripped, then re-dyed the color you want. As stripping is pretty harsh on your hair, I think it would be better for you to strip and dye it the brown you want, then later, say a couple weeks or more, get your highlights. That way, your hair won't dry out so badly then if you did it all in one go. Make sure you go to a reputable colorist though. You don't want any chemical haircuts!

Hope this helps!


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