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A skin care routine for combo/acne skin should consist of something like this -


Foaming or creamy (milky) cleanser. You would probably prefer foaming.

Toner. Alcohol free. You need to rebalance the PH level of your skin so it can function normally. Also combo toners usually have antinflammitory properties to it. It is an important step. Some people will say it is not but from my knowledge and experience it is. The main purpose of a toner is to rebalance the PH level of the skin

Moisturize - Oil controling moisturizer possibly if that is a concern. Other wise, look for something that is made specifically for your skin type. You need water and not oil in your skin.


Cleanse - Use a milky cleanser (creamy) made for oily/comb skin. This really melts away make up and cleans in the pores. Now, you are not going to get that tight squeeky clean feeling like a foaming cleanser but believe me a milky cleanser is the way to go at night. (especially if you wear makeup)

Tone- Alcohol free. Made for combo skin.

Moisturize - There are night gels or creams made to help conrol oil production at night. Otherwise if the moisturizer you use for day can be used at night as well use that.


EXFOLIATE SKIN 1-2 times a week. Start with once than twice if you feel you need more. Depends how bad the acne is. Use gentle exfoliator. Best to stay a way from any ground up seed that can lacerate the skin. This will keep pores clear of dead skin cells and help them from clogging. Plus help your products work better for you. Who wants to cleanse, tone. and moisturize dead skin cells anyways!! Just remember over exfoliating will do more damage than good. So there is such thing as too much of a good thing!


Mask once a week. Purifying mask. That will help pull impurities out of the skin.


Whenever anyone starts a skin care routine a lot of us freak out because we start to break out a little bit. Relax. Give it a couple weeks. You are just purifying your skin, brining things to the surface. You need to get rid of the impurities and that is what you are doing. By the cleansing and toning and moisturizing. Also with the efoliationg and masking. It shouldn't continue but give the skin a chance to normalize.

Hopefully some of this helped.

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