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Re: Blue Hair!
Jul 18, 2001
Anna, that was very daring of you, going from blonde hair to dying it black at home. My suggestion is that you go to a beauty salon and let them fix it...they can strip the black out so you'll be blonde again, if that's what you want, or they can possibly suggest what else to do to make the "dark blue" a true black.
When trying to make that drastic a change, you should always let a professional do it. Good luck!!!
Re: Blue Hair!
Jul 19, 2001
Anytime you go from a very light color to a very dark color your going to run into the "true" color problem. Years ago I made the fatal mistake of putting dark colored dye into my very blonde hair. It came out looking gray....THANK god it was the wash out stuff! Never again. The only thing I can suggest is buying another box of hair color to try and turn it back to another color somewhere in the middle of the black and the brown....However, I would suggest that going to a professional is the only way to fix this mess! Be prepared to hear comments about it! Hairdressers hate when you do the "home" thing and come to them for a fix up!

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