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Karla, just go to Krispy Kreme every day and eat a lot of donuts. HAHA! Those herbal pills work the same way. Breasts are made up of fat, so if you gain weight, your boobs will grow!
About implants, be sure you get a GREAT surgeon! Go on several consultations and ask your friends with implants if they are happy and who they went to. DO RESEARCH! I have a great surgeon in Vegas, Dr. Weiland. I was a 36C to begin with, and went up to a 36D, I wanted more fullness, which I got. I have the smooth, round, saline implants, 530 CC's. My incisions were along the bottom of the areola, you can't see the scars at all! I went over the muscle, so recovery was a piece of cake. (I have heard under the muscle takes a lot more recovery time and hurts a lot worse.) It only hurt for a few days, and not really that bad. Then they were just tender for a while. I really love them and I highly recommend the surgery. Just be sure you get a good surgeon and investigate everything. I know there are so many different kinds of implants, high profile, round, teardrop, smooth, textured, saline, silicone, cohesive gel...just make sure you get what's right for you!! Hope I helped a little bit!

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