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The ingredient you're looking for is Hydroquinone. That the "thing" that lightens the skin. You can buy over-the-counter creams with 2% hydroquinone in it and use that. You can get stronger dose(4%) from a derm. I'm using this brand called Porcelana and it's working great.

BUT there's a down side. Please read the following carefully.

Go to yahoo and do a search on hydroquinone. You'll come up with a lot of articles etc. Read them. There has been A LOT of problems with creams containing hydroquinone in many African countries. It's even illegal in some. So please read of the articles you come up with and AFTERWARDS, decide whether or not you want to use it. But even with all the horrible "after-effects", as of right now, hydroquinone is the only thing that really works. Please read up on hydroquinone first before using it.

And if you do decide to use it, do NOT buy anything that has more than 2% of hydroquinone in it.

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