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[QUOTE=Maya9;4628792]I'm 22 years old and have oily skin and moderate acne. I have tried several oil free foundations, both powder and liquid, and no matter how much I use I can't cover up my acne. In some cases, it seems to make pimples look even more noticeable. Furthermore, I feel like the makeup always looks awful because it looks cakey and looks like it is sticking to my pores instead of covering them up.

I never had anyone to teach me how to apply makeup, so I've had to rely on the Internet. I feel like I am applying the makeup incorrectly even though I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do. I'm sick of looking at all these women who look like they have perfect skin and am about ready to give up on makeup altogether.[/QUOTE]

I never really had acne (just a few pimples now and then in my teens and 20s), but I do have oily skin- I STILL have oily skin, even now, in my mid 30s.
I know what you mean about that "cakey" look; I've seen it on women and it looks bad. They'd look better without any makeup at all. I've always worked really hard to avoid that look.

What I use is Cover Girl Clean makeup liquid foundation (the fragrance-free kind, because, you know... who needs fragrance in their makeup?)
Cover Girl Clean is a very lightweight water-based liquid foundation.
I use their lightest color... I think it's called Classic Ivory.
But here's the catch: when I buy a bottle of it, I dump out a third of the bottle and replace it with tap water. Then I mix it up by shaking the bottle (it helps to put a b.b. or a bead or something in the bottle. It mixes easier).
[I]Then[/I] I add one drop of green food coloring and one drop of yellow food coloring, and mix it up again, until it's completely mixed.
This makes it the perfect color for my skin. Not too pink. Sort of a pale, pale beige. I can't stand makeup that makes people's faces look unnaturally pink.

With the water mixed in, it's even [I]more[/I] lightweight. Very sheer. When I put it on, it looks like I'm wearing nothing. It just evens out my skin tone and makes my skin look smooth and poreless. But it doesn't look or feel like I'm wearing makeup.

Then I put powder over that- maybelline Shine-Free powder, in Light.
Because if there's one thing I can't stand, it's having a shiny nose.
Periodically throughout the day, I re-powder my face, because my skin really is so oily.
But before I re-apply powder, I always blot my skin first with a tissue, to absorb excess oil. This prevents the powder from caking up and looking thick and heavy.

It's taken me a good many years to find the exact right makeup and the proper way to apply it, but this is what I've found, and I've now very happy with my makeup regimen, and pleased with the way I look.

The best thing is, Cover Girl and Maybelline are both super-cheap, and you can find them at any grocery store or drugstore.

Other than the foundation and powder, the only makeup I wear is mascara and tinted lip gloss, usually brown.

I do not like looking heavily made-up. I just like to look polished. It makes me feel more confident.

Try playing around with your liquid foundation by adding more water to it. Find the perfect balance of coverage without cakiness.
And be sure you get the color right. Try food coloring, like I said. Just one drop- yellow or green, or one of each.
When makeup is too pink or too orange, it looks cakey and weird.
Good luck!

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