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Aspirin mask
Jun 26, 2006
... I love the aspirin mask. It's done good things for me. But I wish it was the miracle for me that it is for others. ... (6 replies)
Aspirin mask
Jun 27, 2006
... then try the aspirin mask ... ... (6 replies)
... I like peel off masks. I've never tried the St. Ives one though. You guys have great suggestions for masks. I like the Queen Helene Mint Julepe mask too and I also like the aspirin mask also. It really helps with large pores. ... (12 replies)

... I've never heard of an "aspirin mask" just what is it? and what is it for?? Rojo (4 replies)
Aspirin mask
Jul 3, 2006
... I used to do it as a mask at night but I like it better in the shower. It actually feels like it is exfoliating my skin. ... (6 replies)
Aspirin mask
Jun 28, 2006
... You don't need to grind it. You buy plain uncoated or microcoated aspirin which will dissolve in the water. You can do it in the palm of your hand if you just need enough for your face. ... (6 replies)
Aspirin mask
Jun 26, 2006
... I read about this on the beauty tips thread and filed it in the back of my mind to try some day. I had just bought some Olay Regenerist and used it for the first time. The next day I woke up with one of those ugly, red, hard, under-the-skin blemishes. I went to Walmart and found a bottle of the non-coated aspirins to make the mask (very cheap too!). The next morning, the... (6 replies)
... Where can I get an aspirin mask? ... (6 replies)
Black heads!
Apr 19, 2006
... But where do you guys find the uncoated aspirin? everywhere I looked, they sold only coated ones. finally I got one from RiteAid, which is "lightly coated." Do you think it's ok to use? (10 replies)
... Ditto on the aspirin great.... ... (71 replies)
Pimple Scar
Sep 24, 2005
... Do you just crush the aspirin and mix it with water to form a paste? ... (9 replies)
Black heads!
Apr 18, 2006
... Try an aspirin mask.. ... (10 replies)
Black heads!
Apr 21, 2006
... Aaahh, we don't have Walmart in NYC. But thank you for the info :) (10 replies)
Black heads!
Apr 21, 2006
... it will just take longer to dissolve. I buy my uncoated aspirin at WalMart. ... (10 replies)
... The next big cause are ingrown hairs. And then there's the big combo of infected ingrown hairs. The combination of Aspirin and alcohol should help to elimate both. ... (9 replies)
... Lol! Yeah, its either that or the aspirin mask, then followed by someone asking what its it, where do I get it, how do you use it, etc. ... (22 replies)
... Am I the only one who doesn't see any results from the aspirin mask? ... (39 replies)
... Right after your shower apply an aspirin mask to the area. The mask consists of three or four uncoated aspirin dissolved in luke warm water. Leave it on for a couple minutes and rinse. ... (9 replies)
Blackheads EWWWW!!
Mar 16, 2006
... A lot of people make it way more complicated than it is. I think it must take some effort to mix it into the clay mask. I know a lot of people also grind up the tablets before adding water. None of that is necessary. If you are just doing your face, you can do prepare in the palm of your hand. Just put some tablets in the palm of your hand, add some water and wait. I... (22 replies)
... Thanks, Eve! I love making my own masks. I've done the aspirin mask for several months now, mixing it with various things like Queen Helena mint mask. But I've never tried mixing it with Aloe Vera. ... (8 replies)

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