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... I would really like some suggestions for the best self-tanners. I have tried some cheaper ones, but I've also tried department store cosmetics brands and they've all been too orange! Anyone have a favorite. I have pretty fair skin in the winter/fall but can get a very healthy tan in the summertime! Also - what are some opinions on the tanning salon's spray on tans? Thanks!... (5 replies)
... But I have started to look into different self tanners because I know that tanning beds aren't good. ... (18 replies)
Best Self Tanner ?
Apr 25, 2009
... and yes, the color builds, but I have to shave often and then the color comes completely off on my legs! I do use Ocean Potion's gradual self tanner sometimes. It's similar to Jergens with the color, but it has a better scent to me. ... (6 replies)

Fake Bake
Sep 23, 2006
... I am a big fan of this.. it doesn't smell as strong as a lot of tanners and it takes less time to apply. ... (5 replies)
Self tanners?
Apr 27, 2001
... There is a self tanner that they sell on TV, i forget the name of it Tome or something like that. Anyways i have used all kinds of self tanners and found this one to be the very best. it comes in a dark cream which lets you know exactly where you are applying it and the "tan" shows immedeatly. ... (4 replies)
... I'm pretty light and it made me pretty tan. It looks really good if you put on three applications- morning, night, morning. It also has a bit of shimmer to it, too. Where do you buy Ocean Potion? I've never heard of it! (35 replies)
... The brand California Tan makes a product that removes the icky scent out of self tanners. ... (35 replies)
... Earlier I had mentioned that I was testing out 4 different self tanners. ... (59 replies)
... Surprisingly I haven't heard of that yet... you'd think that they'd advertise it mroe if it's new. If I am able to find it I will definitely try it. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm really pale as well, but I do have a slight hint of a yellow undertone (only on certain parts of my body for some reason), so most self-tanners just emphasize that which is awful. Once I use up the... (35 replies)
Self tanners?
Feb 9, 2001
... I have used all kinds of self tanners.The ones that you have to apply as a lotion do not work as well as the spray kind.I wish I could remember the name of the spray kind. ... (4 replies)
... I need help a.s.a.p. prom's in less than 20 DAYS!!!! I need opinions, experiences, and facts about self tanners....and which are the best to use. I don't know much about If someone could please fill me in I'd greatly appreciate it!!!! Thanks!!!! ... (8 replies)
... The Origins stuff is a lotion. I too have tried many, many self tanners, cheap and expensive and this is BY FAR the best one I have ever found. ... (35 replies)
... 2-3 years ago, our local paper tested several brands of self-tanners, from $$$$$ to $. The best in their opinion: Neutrogena, available in Wal-Marts, Longs drugstores, etc. I've used the spray-on (not an aerosol; it's a pump). I do exfoliate before I use it to get rid of dead/dry skin. Cheap exfoliator? Cornmeal scrubs away the bumps and yucky skin. Washes right down... (7 replies)
... and you want a lotion or a foam. I would say Clinique Dark is one of your best bets. ... (9 replies)
... I've tried many self-tanners and honestly every single one of them stained white clothes... especially in the summer if it's hot out and you sweat... it will be all over clothes. I'm not sure about the Origins one though cuz I haven't tried it since the first time... and I haven't done a sweat test either, haha. (35 replies)
... I like that one too, but I like Sublime Glow better. Like you said, it definitely doesn't smell as bas as the rest and it's inexpensive. Swimming in a pool takes some of the tanner off. I remember going swimming in a pool a couple of years ago and the next day my tan looked horrible. All the chemicals ruin it and it gets all patchy... for me at least. (35 replies)
... I have finally found the product for me. My product is Loreal Sublime Bronze. I have the light-medium shade. The shade is perfect for me. And, for the first time I do not stink!!!! I have tried coppertone and banana boat. I stunk immediately with those products, and I was not happy with the color. Then, I tried Bath & Bodyworks "Sweet Pea" gradual tanner. I loved the... (35 replies)
... e! It dries within minutes and has barely any smell to it. What I really like is that when it fades, it all fades the same...something I didn't find with other self tanners. Since I'm extremely white, you can see every little streak, etc. With this...I don't have any problems whatsoever. The price isn't bad... ... (35 replies)
... Do any of these suggested self tanners not have that funny scent to them? ... (35 replies)
... victoria's secret is my choice, usually when you exfoliate most self tanners come off when you exfoliate, not completely tho, after taking a shower, mosturizing, if you can scratch the skin and nothing dark comes under your nails, the yes it's a good tanner, otherwise if the dead skin isn't gone you're skin won't :wave: be GLOWING (7 replies)

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