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... i am wanting to have a bikini wax and have some qs? ... (0 replies)
... I got a leg and bikini wax yesterday cause i am going to a waterpark all day tomorrow. ... (8 replies)
Bikini Wax
Aug 16, 2004
... Hola! I was just curious if anyone knew a good bikini wax so I could wax at home. I bought this wax not too long ago, and it was horrible... all the pain and no hairs pulled out! Pain's not an issue, as long as it works! Any help would be appreciated very much. ... (3 replies)

... and I want to remove it. I know a brazillian bikini wax would probably be the best, but I just can't do that. Does anybody shave there? ... (3 replies)
... sterile is the key to help the healing of the bruise. ... (2 replies)
... Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do for bruising once it has happened. Immediately after it happens, cold compresses may help. Bruising from waxing is usually due to poor technique. Was this a do it yourself job or a professional treatment? If it was from a pro, definitely call and let them know how you reacted. (2 replies)
... and make sure you buy the scented formula, the regular stinks. Put it on and let it sit for about 10 minutes, rinse off while using your finger nails to sort of help scrape it off. Use some moisturising cream afterwards. I very rarely ever have ingrown hairs from this, and I never have a break out. ... (12 replies)
... Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has this problem when waxing and how to help it. I use Gigi wax when doing my bikini, which so far is the best Ive used. ... (0 replies)
... supposedly any deodorant with zinc in it will help soothe bumps. ... (6 replies)
Brazilan Wax
Mar 25, 2006
... Getting it done on a Wednesday would be perfect timing (redness will be gone by Saturday but will still be totally smooth). You should not shave for about a week (ideally). As long as there's at least a couple centimetres of growth -- so the wax has something to stick onto -- it'll be fine. But ideally, let it grow in for at least a week before. Good luck with the wax... (9 replies)
... I am interested in possibly trying a Brazilian bikini wax. ... (1 replies)
... I usually shave my bikini line but like to keep some hair down there, however the hair does grow back quite quickly and is very stubbly. ... (4 replies)
... it is traumatic for the very sensitive skin to have the hot wax poured on and then all the ahir ripped off. ... (9 replies)
... but it sounds like your skin just got irritated from it......maybe try one of those creams such as Bikini Zone. They're supposed to help with redness and irritation. ... (9 replies)
Brazilan Wax
Mar 25, 2006
... I am getting married soon and was thinking that I would get my first bikini and leg wax as well. If I am leaving for my wedding and honeymoon on a Saturday, I can get the waxing done on the Wednesday before? ... (9 replies)
... I actually had my sister wax my belly for me as a test, and OUCH....but she made a good point that it is more fatty there and would probably hurt more there!! ... (24 replies)
... I use bikini zone. Seems to help calm the skin down. It is just irritated. It will go away quickly. ... (9 replies)
... Yes,,I get those da$ bumps...But now im getting INGROWN hairs! gggrrrrrrr Doesnt matter if I wax or shave,,i get them om my bikini area~ some are so big I can see them growing UNDER my skin,,,,gross! I have dark hair,,so its embarasing around the pool or beach, Ive been wearing shorts lately :confused: Does anyone know,,,how can i get rid of them? (7 replies)
... Good luck with your brazilian! I've had it done once (I started a thread earlier this month about it... maybe you read it?), but anyway it's well worth the pain! It feels so sexy and clean, I have a cleanliness obsession with "down there", haha. I'm about to get mine done again in the next week or so! I had my bikini done a year or so beforehand at a different salon that... (24 replies)
... Hey Shye&curious....sorry I hadn't seen your post yet!!! That is a great price!!!! Wow, thanks, I will definetly look into the at home spas/estheticiens (sp?) coz it sounds like it is so much cheaper!! And I do actually already take Daily Asprin's so I may bleed more less likely to grow that hair back...that would be nice!! :) Thanks for the... (24 replies)

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