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... Biore makes blackhead strips as well, just go to the Biore section in the drugstore. ... (13 replies)
... blackhead cream cleanser... i can definitely see a difference! i would like to try something else too.... where can i find those blackhead strips? ... (13 replies)
... THE BLACKHEAD SCRUB IS GREAT!!! ... (13 replies)

... Just wanted to say the blackhead scrub really helped, but I still have several stubborn ones that WON'T GO AWAY. lol More help anyone? ... (13 replies)
... I have tried everything out there and the ONLY thing that worked for me was a tool I purchased offline called a blackhead extractor. ... (13 replies)
... I was in the same boat 3 years ago.. rarely broke out in pimples on my face, it was like every blackhead and their best friends were moving onto my nose! ... (13 replies)
... My mom has some pore strips, I think they're old though and honestly, they scare me!! lol I'm afraid they'd really hurt! I do have the Mint Julep Masque, i'm going to use it tonight. I also bought a Neutrogena daily scrub that gets rid oof blackheads, I hope it works!! Thanks for your help! :wave: (13 replies)
... I really love those, and they do help a lot with blackheads. ... (13 replies)
... thanx ! :) (13 replies)
... Black/White soap removes blackheads and shrinks pores. Epsal ointment when you put on at night, you will wake in the morning with fewer blackheads. Consistenly used they will be resolved. The problem comes when using makeup that fills up the pores again. (13 replies)
... hi biore, yes doing a scrub thoroughly once per week would be enough for u if u tend to have oily skin, as more often will produce more oil. The reason a scrub works is because it removes the dead skin cells, which if they arent removed they then block the body's natural oil from being released and hence they block the pores which turn into either spots, blackheads or white... (13 replies)
... This scrub sounds excellant! I have always had problems with blackheads and blemishes. I have oily skin which is also sensitive so its a nightmare!:mad: However I have a two weekly regime which is proving quite sucessful. I steam my face, exfoliate and apply a face mask. I normally mix witch hazel, magnesium carbonate and kaolin powder and leave on my face for about 15... (13 replies)
... The pore strips actually don't hurt, thankfully. They may sting when you start to peel them off, but if it hurts just dampen the strip with water. That scrub sounds fantastic, I'll have to go try it! :) (13 replies)
... Hi everyone, i'm young and I recently noticed blackheads on my nose. I take good care of my skin and have a daily regamin that was working well, but now I have these blackheads. I don't have any other acne problems or oily skin. What should I do? Thanks! (13 replies)
... L'Oreal home microdermabrasion kits are great, as is Johnson & Johnson Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing lotion (not sure if it's really a lotion, is clear liquid in a purple bottle). Microdermabrasion they recommend using twice a week. The first time my skin was a bit red but after that first try my skin looks great after I use it. The Johnson & Johnson stuff you can use... (5 replies)
... You can use the Epidermx if you have only minor acne. It will help clear up the acne. It won't make you peel. What happens is that your top layer of dead skin rolls off your face when you're doing the rubbing. ... (5 replies)
May 18, 2005
... blackheads are black because they are exposed to oxygen. its teh same as a whitehead only in the terms that the gunk thats squeezed out is the same. they come back because teh pores are permanently stretched therefore its just a big hole.. we wear moisturizer, makeup, etc so it fills the holes.. or our faces are just oily and stuff gets trapped.. nothing whill make the pore... (8 replies)
May 15, 2005
... Supposedly they are a collection of debris, having the identical contents of a whitehead. The only difference being that in a blackhead the hair follicle is open and the exposure to oxygen causes the debris to harden and the top to turn black. ... (8 replies)
... not sure. Anyway, she says it works great, and I've tried the toner, lotion, and the terminator even though I don't have problems with my skin. I really like the blackhead treatment since it actually does help dry up spots and slightly eliminates blackheads. Of course it's not a miracle product, but it works. ... (4 replies)
Total beginner!
Jan 8, 2005
... I think I have a skin care routine that will help you. If you are worried about blackheads or pimples, then I know four really good products for you. They are all Neutrogena products. ... (3 replies)

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