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... It is mostly brassy on the top if I part it down the middle...and on the sides it's blonder and not brassy! what did she do? ... (17 replies)
... If you have European hair - which has lots of moisiture - then you should be fine. I use Herbal Essences to do my highlight and leave them on longer so they won't be brassy. I've heard that its fine. I mean it dries the hair out but if you don't have issues with dry hair then you'll be okl (17 replies)
... idn't leave the color in long enough...which she should have known because I was in there twice before. Not my fault...hers. I'm not complaining about it getting brassy weeks later...I am complaining because it was ORANGE the minute I stepped out of the salon when it should have been it was before. ... (17 replies)

... brassy highlights that you're trying to eliminate. ... (4 replies)
... You ought to find a new hair dresser!! I used to get highlights but they ALWAYS did it too subtle and I would say, I want nice chunky pieces but would walk about not even able to tell I had it done. ... (17 replies)
... If you have any red undertones in your hair *at all* your highlights will always turn brassy (17 replies)
... i have a question. i have dirty blonde hair and i give myself highlights at home. i have to leave the solution on for like an hour for it to lighten enough so it wont be "brassy". how bad is this for my hair? ... (17 replies)
... Hi. Just a you have well water? My hair is medium brown, and whenever I get blond highlights, it turns brassy. I have well water. What worked for me is to change from blonde highlight to a golden brown. I also bought a shampoo for well water that I use 2 times a week. That has helped me. Good luck...Rubydoo (17 replies)
... If i was you, i would either go back, or just learn to deal with it. the reason why it is still brassy is because the solution wasn't left on long enough. how did you get it done? ... (17 replies)
... oner! she already toned it!!! I tried the purple shampoo and nothing. I just know she didn't leave it in long enough and it didn't get blond as i wanted, instead brassy and orangey. she wont be in til tuesday. do i have the right to ask to be seen tomorrow and have someone else fix it? ... (17 replies)
... sally's. brassy no more. ... (17 replies)
... Well, the thing that is so irritating is last time she did do it EXACTLY like I wanted it and I loved it. So, this time i told what you did last time..and she obviously didn't. I think she should write things the color she used and the time left she can refer back to it next time! These are supposed to be PROFESSIONALS! And no, i would never do my... (17 replies)
... I have found that you'll get the results you want if you do it yourself. I love my stylist and everything, but when I get color or highlights put in, she does a great job but not QUITE like I like it. ... (17 replies)
... I think that is a disgrace. If you're paying $130, you should get what you want. I think you should write a letter to the manager explaining what happened and that you weren't satisfied with the results, and you'd like a partial refund. If they don't respond, I'd file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I've had the same problem (highlights I was totally... (17 replies)
... I went back today...i was early so she took me and did my highlights over...just on the top where they were awful. she was also working on another lady and told me she couldn't blow dry my hair so i had to leave sopping wet!! ... (17 replies)
... Sounds to me like she may not even know what she is talking about. If she tones it again, it will not help. she didn't lift your natural hair color out enough to make it the color you want. the purple shampoo is the same basic idea as the toner, and that will not help much either. i would ask to speak to the owner or manager of the shop, if she will not satisfy you. 130. is no... (17 replies)
... She brought out some swatches of hair and asked me to pick what color I'd like for the ligher highlights and we both agreed on a light beige, which we tested by holding up to my hair. ... (3 replies)
... I am surprised that your hairstylist wants to use YELLOW highlights! That does not sound appealing one bit, especially since most people want the brassy tones that tend to look yellow or orange to NOT be in their hair. ... (7 replies)
... I was able to get my naturally medium brown hair a golden blonde one time at a particular salon with dye, but every other time, they have used bleach. I get my highlights a lighter blonde color and don't like them too golden or they don't show up enough for my taste since I get it highlighted pretty heavily. ... (4 replies)
... i had my hair lowlighted...too brassy so she highlighted it...with bleach. still too brassy. so....why cant they weave in lowlights...the on top of that put highlights with bleach? ... (3 replies)

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