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... Ok guys for the last 3 years my face between and on my eyebrows, I have had severe dry skin. I shed like a snake i crap you not!!! I have tried everything. Stuff with alpha hydroxy acid, mary kay cosmetics. Well got down to my final straw!! ... (4 replies)
... Vaseline clogs pores. Olive oil doesn't. I recommend a mix of olive and jojoba oil for dry skin. ... (4 replies)
... For the dry flaky skin. I had that for a year by my eyebrows. ... (4 replies)

Apr 17, 2003
... Hello I have a ???? Does anyone else have the t zone drying on thier face? I get dry patches on the forehead just in the middle of the brows then on the cheeks but I get semi- oily on the chin and around the mouth I have tried different foundations but I always need to apply a moisturizer on before the foundation or it gets cracky looking in the t zone ??? (2 replies)
... hi salty! you asked about how i set the foundation? well, any loose powder will do, i use a compact one because its more conveniant and dosent make a mess like the loose does.. ive used many, such as clinque, and lancome,nyc is good too.. i get it at walmart for 1.00!!!! gotta love the price there! i just start with my foundation, then conceler, and set with powder..... (18 replies)
... ill be lower. Then you also will have photo opportunities and you want your eyes to really stand out. Use an eyelash curler if your lashes are straight or blow dry them for an amazing "false eyelash" look. I learned the blow dry tip on this board! ... (5 replies)
... I had such great results with the hand lotion on my neck so I used it on other problem areas. As a true blonde, I have pale sparse brows and lashes. I applied the lotion to my brows both in am and pm. For the first time in my life, I have brows that actually extend all the way where they should. ... (1 replies)
... EllieFrog, does Healthy Volume ever take a while to dry for you? ... (8 replies)
... that should dry them enough so they won't come off underneath your eyebrows and it helps to make them look lush and full, too. it works wonders for me. ... (8 replies)
... You are so right!! if you wear heavy makeup,it does get into lines and wrinkles badly!!! also, dont use powders!!!!!!!!! I have found out the hard way,how to much powder will do the same thing,and make you look chaulky too!! I have stopes useing powders,and i use more of a tiented moisturizer, its so much softer looking,and better for my skin..i have also softend my... (19 replies)
... In the aloe vera gel..I noticed in the store they have the clear gel with no colors or achchol (sp) that might be better for your skin...:angel: (3 replies)
... Hi...You might try treating yourself to a "honey mask" I tried it because I tend to have very dry skin and blackheads on my nose...and the first time I used the honey mask, my skin felt so smooth and the black heads were gone.. ... (3 replies)
... ace scrub is ground up porridge oaks, or wheatgerm mixed with warm milk to a thickish paste. Rub over face and neck over sink as gets messy, then leave on until dry and rinse off with warm water. This instantely softens, smoothes and kinda lightens the skin of blemishes. ... (39 replies)
Under eye cream
May 30, 2006
... one month later I shocked the hell out of my esthetician when she pulled the wax strip off my eyebrow and realized half my skin had come off with it...that's how dry my face has become. I thought it was weird when she told me all this and I questioned her on the no moisturizer definitely but because she was a Dr. ... (19 replies)
... No mine is from the winter season I get it every year in the winter usually lasts through spring. Then goes back to normal. Yeah have asked my doc. Thats what he says. (4 replies)
... It could be a fungus or a skin disorder, I'd ask a dermatologist. (4 replies)
... I love Jane Brown too. Actually I like all the hosts except some of the guys bore me. Do you know what ever happened to Kim Parish? She's not on anymore. No, I have never tried their Maxx handbags. But I LOVE pocketbooks...more than shoes! I have to get a new one at least once a month. Is the brow tech hard to put on and does it stay? I am really bad at drawing on my... (48 replies)

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