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... I'm always looking for a good read and learn more about natural health and beauty, could anyone recommend any books on the subject that you have personally found useful? ... (0 replies)
... I have found emu oil at health food stores, such as vitamin cottage. If this health food store is not in your area, most health food stores are happy to order products for you that contain the emu oil that you are looking for. I have only used the oil myself, called emu gold. ... (2 replies)
... and has vitamin oils in the product that really hydrate, use all around the eye, including the orbit and all the way to the hair line. You can find these at the health food stores. ... (0 replies)

... Then explain, why do so many people who've never had "bad" health problems in their family, have "bad"problems themselves? ... (25 replies)
... Tanning pills typically contain the pigment canthaxanthin. Although the FDA has approved the use of canthaxanthin as a color additive in food, it has not approved its use as a tanning agent. Much larger quantities of canthaxanthin than the amount used as a food coloring must be ingested to change skin color. After canthaxanthin is consumed, it is deposited throughout the body,... (4 replies)
Beauty supplements
Dec 27, 2013
... since it apparently isnt a health issue. If you saw yourself as pretty ten years ago, something changed. People do not get ugly for no reason and I highly doubt others see you that way! ... (6 replies)
... There is also Derm Nu Obagi. The derm nu obagi system is a synergistic system improving the health and appearance of skin using products which can be self applied. ... (9 replies)
... r most people in AMERICA and other like countries with such bad health. So many countries do just fine without sunscreen, they don't get skin cancer. It IS their health for the most part. And, yes, I do get some chemicals on my body. ... (25 replies)
... Although I love herbs, and greatly believe in their benefits over many synthetic prescription medications, please know that some of those types of herbs that are meant for promoting breast growth can greatly raise your estrogen levels. That is the whole reason people are taking them, because that's what makes the breasts grow. It is not good to raise your estrogen levels too... (5 replies)
... estrogens, which are many times safer than the synthetic hormones that doctors give people. Phyto estrogens have many, many health benefits, and some even help reverse disorders that should avoid estrogen, so they act in many different positive ways. ... (274 replies)
Dry air
Jul 12, 2012
... Personally I like natural shampoos with the least amount of artificial chemical ingredients possible. Nutrient deficiencies or other health difficulties can cause the hair to be dry so the health could be evaluated by a professional. ... (3 replies)
... ll have a better understanding when you get blood results back . Make sure you ask to have your own copy your intitled to it. Keep it in a folder and label it my health records. Your young and a good time to start this. This way if you have health issues in the future you have records to refer back to for yourself. ... (7 replies)
... I have been reading a book called "Secrets of Health and Beauty". Best book I've ever read!! ... (39 replies)
Beauty & Alcohol
Jan 30, 2008
... Thanks for responding. People are raving about the health benefits of wine, especially red wine, but I am prone to broken capillaries, so maybe not. ... (9 replies)
... So far I haven't had issues with any products, but I will definietly try to be more careful with that kind of stuff. I don't want serious irritation, rashes, or worse. That would be awful. I try to be careful with my skin as much as I can, though it's hard these days with all the advertising and weird labels and ingredients. You never really know what you're getting or putting... (8 replies)
... try using only water based non perfumed makeup , much better for your health, all makeups , especially oily ones have phthalates in therm this is a softening agent used in plastics now banned in good baby products like teats and dummies, but not regulated enough, removed] all perfumes and makeup unlike medicines doesnt have a five year trial period and is not heavily regulated... (8 replies)
... that cannot be syntesized into pills, that you actually need to eat the fruit to have the health benefits, because certain conpounds cannot be reproduced industrially. So, in order to achieve a true health benefit, apart from taking vit. ... (7 replies)
... Pak is a good treatment..always have a hair treatment on hand to do on a weekly does not need routine treatments daily...You never specified the health of ur hair...for example..if your hair is naturally "normal"..thick or fine textured..go for a shampoo designed for ur natural hair type.. ... (2 replies)
... That is a myth. You can improve the health of your hair by improving the health of your body. Try a vitamin designed for healty hair. ... (2 replies)
... I have been using castor oil on mine, you can get it at the drugstore or health food store. It has worked wonders on my eyebrow bald spots, where I waxed too much, and it really didn't take that long. ... (5 replies)

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