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... grand a year in tips? ... (81 replies)
... of your total sales, REGARDLESS of how much tips you made. ... (81 replies)
... How do you afford to feed your family and pay bills? ... (81 replies)

... i was saying the snobby restuaaunt girl was crazy saying shemade that much i was meaning shes getting all bent out of shape for nothing, shes taking to much to heart not everyone make 30 to 60 a year, so and go to her type of rests, sure she should expect more if she works in that type of enviroment. ... (81 replies)
... I just have to say that, yes, a hairdresser goes to school, but so did my doctor. ... (81 replies)
... THANK YOU! i so agree. people who are saying they need to get these super tips for their service....its your JOB thast what you are supposed to do. if you get a tip out of it then great. but you are supposed to be polite you are supposed to give good service it is your JOB to do that! ... (81 replies)
... Agree completely! (81 replies)
... I don't know where to begin! I will start off by saying that I live in Canada and people in the service industry receive a paycheck. ... (81 replies)
... I personally didnt say i didnt tip, i tip the groceries guys as well. ... (81 replies)
... Just read this whole thread and HAD to reply. I was raised in a home with 3 kids and single mother who was a hairdresser.. ... (81 replies)
... Ok I must put in my 2 cents worth. I hahv worked as a waitress in bars resturants and casinos all in New Orleans over the past 10 years. ... (81 replies)
... the 40 was a highlight not a haircut she was talking about. ... (81 replies)
... skimp on their employees salary and expect the customer to make up the difference. The whole concept of tipping is, I think, weird. I don't want good service or a good haircut because in the back of someone's mind they are calculating the tip they will receive. It sets up a weird dynamic. ... (81 replies)
... I think the big problem here is the way these people act like we 'owe' them a tip. ... (81 replies)
... Puleeeeeeeeeez! The hairdresses I know are doing extremely well. Both bought new cars and condos within a few years of working. ... (81 replies)
... You do not have to get your hair blow dryed. You can tell them to spray it wet and cut it and you can go dry it your self. You will save about 30 bucks. You are paying for the cost of the shampoo, conditioner, cost to run the blowdryer. ... (81 replies)
... I think Pizza Hut is sorta the same. It' s been along time like 10 years since I have been inside a Pizza Hut. The last time I went to one I think the only things the waitress had to do were bring our pizza out and clean up after we left. ... (81 replies)
... What I said was they do not have to stand in one spot! What about janitors? ... (81 replies)
... THANK YOU for those of you who understand. ... (81 replies)
... First off, I live in Michigan, and I've known a lot of people who worked in various resaurants waiting tables who only received their tips as compensation, no paycheck. ... (81 replies)

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