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... I just have to say that, yes, a hairdresser goes to school, but so did my doctor. ... (81 replies)
... OKay, everytime I ask my friends the question of how much I should tip my hairdresser, they give me an outrageous amount because most of them use their friends as their hairdressers. ... (81 replies)
... THANK YOU! i so agree. people who are saying they need to get these super tips for their service....its your JOB thast what you are supposed to do. if you get a tip out of it then great. but you are supposed to be polite you are supposed to give good service it is your JOB to do that! ... (81 replies)

... Agree completely! (81 replies)
... I don't know where to begin! I will start off by saying that I live in Canada and people in the service industry receive a paycheck. ... (81 replies)
... Its really your choice but I always tip guys who carry things out to my car, I give them like a few dollars. ... (81 replies)
... I personally didnt say i didnt tip, i tip the groceries guys as well. ... (81 replies)
... I was at Toys R Us over the holidays and the stock boy carried my purchase out to the car. It didn't even occur to me to tip him, should I have? ... (81 replies)
... It can happen. It is possible. It all depends on who you are. A hate to say it but alot of it has to do if you look good also. ... (81 replies)
... of your total sales, REGARDLESS of how much tips you made. ... (81 replies)
... Just read this whole thread and HAD to reply. I was raised in a home with 3 kids and single mother who was a hairdresser.. ... (81 replies)
... the public, at large, deserves a tip, of course, there are exceptions, some are too jaded to care anymore. People surprise you, don't make assumptions... ... (81 replies)
... How do you afford to feed your family and pay bills? ... (81 replies)
... Well, guess I won't be liked here. I can't stand the concept of tipping. Whoever invented that idea!! I think it's a shame you have to tip someone to get good service. And yeah, seems like everytime you turn around, someone else is wanting a tip for something. ... (81 replies)
... There's no tippers jail. What it comes down to is that one can tip whatever they wish or . . . nothing at all. What is important is how YOU feel and what feels right for YOU. ... (81 replies)
... that is what irritated me. I was told I was inconsiderate. It doesn't matter if I have had my hair cut for sixty or ten, that wasn't the point. The point was, I tip what I can. ... (81 replies)
... i was saying the snobby restuaaunt girl was crazy saying shemade that much i was meaning shes getting all bent out of shape for nothing, shes taking to much to heart not everyone make 30 to 60 a year, so and go to her type of rests, sure she should expect more if she works in that type of enviroment. ... (81 replies)
... The prices are outrageous these days I just simply don't feel the need to tip another twenty bucks if I have already dished out sixty or seventy. ... (81 replies)
... I think everyone should be required to work as a server atleast once in their life and be required to live on that income. ... (81 replies)
... I tip what I can afford. Honestly, I have very short hair and still get charged thirty to forty bucks. I have NO HAIR! Well anyway, I usually tip around five bucks. I color my own hair so don't know about that one. Guess I might tip ten, but no more than that. ... (81 replies)

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