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... Well I am just saying what worked for me. I am afraid of stitches on my face because i have a scar on my forehead from when i was little where the stitches broke apart and spread. ... (37 replies)
... I know someone who used the plastic surgeon that I am going to for a mole removal also. I am not sure as of yet, which procedure he used on her. But I can tell you that her mole is totally gone with no scar. ... (37 replies)
... Thank you for replying.. tell me all about the surgery please.. I am so afraid. I want to know all from the needle to the scab... do you put a numb on before the needle.. mine is a mole under my eye area, its not large but I had it so long, it proberly deep. ... (37 replies)

... You have to keep a salve like petroleum jelly on it with a bandaid to keep it from scabbing over. ... (37 replies)
... Ok here is the update, its been about a month since the procedure. There is no scar left from the mole, no crater and minus the red spot you wouldn't be able to find it. ... (37 replies)
... I went to the top plastic surgeon in my area to see what he thought. This guy has his own building teaches plastic surgery at a prestigious medical university and is the head of basically every derm and plastic surgery board in my state. ... (37 replies)
... Yes I agree. I am leaning more towards the shaving. I am just afraid of it coming back or having a flat mole in place of the raised one. Please keep me updated on your healing process. Mine is scheduled for the end of December, so I still have some time. ... (37 replies)
Wart Mole Vanish
Sep 20, 2007
... hi, i used the product to remove 2 plantar warts and 1 mole on my arm. the dermatologist tried cutting and freezing the warts off but they just ended up growing back. ... (7 replies)
... I know this post is a bit on the older side, but I just had to reply. ... (37 replies)
... Thank you Sharpeye. I am torn between having it excised or shaved off. I know someone who had it cut out (excision), and it looks as though it was never there. I am waiting on your reports to make my final decision. I am due to get mine done the end of December. Please keep me posted. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I am so glad the procedure went well and you're... (37 replies)
... day. The procedure went like this. He gave me two shots of novicane to my cheek that was the most painful part . . . which really wasn't painful. He then used a surgical knife to cut the mole flush to my skin, I didn't feel that. Then he used a cauterizing tool to smoothen out the cut, I did smell my burning flesh lol. ... (37 replies)
... I took off the bandage and waited a few days. I have to say my Doctor did an excellent job. Whats left is a shallow partially scabbed spot where the mole was. It looks like the doctor did a perfect job cutting just enough to get the mole without going too deep to cut into the deeper scarring layers of my skin. ... (37 replies)
... Yes I figured as much, thats why I want to go to a plastic surgeon.. I thought they would know what to do for no scaring, but I would like to hear from those on the forum who had a facial mole removed.. ... (37 replies)
... Hi anxiety, if the mole u are having removed has roots then i would recomend u dont shave it off because it will come back lighter and u will not be cosmetically happy with the result (i am talking from experience). The best method of removal of moles with roots is excision since it wont come back and scaring is hardly noticeable. good luck. (37 replies)
... I am going through the same thing. I have a raised mole on my lower cheek that is getting bigger. I was born with the mole which was just a small black speck. Now it has raised to the size of a pencil eraser. I have gone to 3 Derms and 1 plastic surgeon . . . money is not an issue. ... (37 replies)
... The plastic surgeon actually said they "may" return. He said that sometimes what is left is a flat brown mark where the mole was, which I don't want either. ... (37 replies)
... Does it leave a crater in the area where the mole was? ... (37 replies)
... Yes it helps me a lot, I think I may opt for shaving mine also. Mine is scheduled for Dec, when are you having yours? ... (37 replies)
... Ok back from my Plastic surgeon consultation. I am a bit disapointed, and will appreciate any feedback from anyone who had this done or knows about this procedure. ... (37 replies)
... It shouldn't...mine didn' fact we had to shave them down a couple of times to get the skin flat. ... (37 replies)

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