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... Because those things are to give you bigger boobs..that way you'll get the bigger boobs, that supposedly feel real (I wouldnt know, ...never touched them), w/out having the extra weight pulling on your boobs.. I mean sure they dont weigh much but still, to have weight on your boobs, every single day, all day long, theyre gonna make you sag eventually (11 replies)
... If you buy the "silicone boobs" that stay on by themselves, then what would be the point of buying them, if you're just going to put them inside a bra? (11 replies)
... like a good idea, but lets be realistic for a moment. Boobs are held up by skin, and skin alone, no muscle.. those bras are putting added weight onto your boobs, and pulling them down, which will result in sagging. ... (11 replies)

... ok, this is like ' i know someone who knows someone who'.... but......I do have a friend who went from a C cup to like a very small B cup after breast feeding and she bought the boobs. Now like i said , I wouldn't know, i've never personally tried them but she told me that they suck and don't stick to you like theyre suppose to (she just told me this today). But I suppose... (11 replies)
... Yes ive bought them but never wore them. I got them off of ebay and I thought it was more of a bra but it is actually stick on boobs and when they some off they leave your skin sticky. I didnt like them they seemed so fake. ... (11 replies)
... adhesive these might be great for us small boobed people to wear with the backless type shirts that don't look all that great on someone without boobs ! I wouldn't want them for everyday wear...too much trouble! ... (11 replies)
... I think they aren't for 'everyday allday' wearing, but for, like under a tank top or strapless top when you CAN'T wear a real bra to hold them up. Also, if your boobs are already sagging or are so small that it doesn't matter anyway, they might be a great idea. ... (11 replies)
... Has anyone tried those jelly like boobs yet...that stick on? ... (11 replies)
Small boobs!!!
Jul 10, 2004
... you can get bras filled w/silicone fav's before getting pg this time were my vic. secret silicone bras (34 replies)
Small boobs!!!
Jun 23, 2004
... Look into a padded push up bra and those silicone inserts (not implants! inserts for your bra). A good padded push up bra can work wonders on your cleavage! (34 replies)
... oh yeah, I know they hook together..I was gonna cut the lil hooks off...I like to modify everything :bouncing: and sure, if you dont wear them all day long every day, i'm sure they wouldnt cause any harm (11 replies)
... okay, so they wouldn't be a bad idea with something holding them up, all i'm saying is be careful how you use them, thats all (11 replies)
... Read the ad.You can use them when wearing a dress without the bra straps showing......... (11 replies)
... I've never purchased them either, but saw them on one of the home shopping television shows...I'd be afraid they'd fall off sometime during the day, lol. If you decide to buy them, let us all know what you think. -Robin (11 replies)
Breast Enlargement
Mar 15, 2004
... d rent a pair, the kind that cancer patients wear. I would wear them night and day for about a month. They fit and weigh differently than the water bras and the silicone things that they sell to wear. My girlfriend had cancer and had her breasts removed. She wore them for about a week and hated it. ... (274 replies)
Breast Enlargement
Mar 14, 2004
... Clothes fit better with small boobs and you aren't the brunt of locker room jokes when you have small boobs as oppossed to large ones. ... (274 replies)
Breast Enlargement
May 18, 2004
... Now, this is for those of you who keep talking about how we should all just accept what God has given us and be happy or that boobs don't make the woman or that men love breasts no matter what the size. I'm not speaking for everyone here, but this is how I feel. ... (274 replies)
Breast Enlargement
Apr 15, 2003
... ring them...they don't make a woman...but..sure can build self esteem...I have water bras...silicone inserts...all kinds of junk...but...would still like to have boobs without a bra..anyone figure out how to get them without surgery..let me know... ... (274 replies)
... a, just go to Krispy Kreme every day and eat a lot of donuts. HAHA! Those herbal pills work the same way. Breasts are made up of fat, so if you gain weight, your boobs will grow! ... (11 replies)

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