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... I just have to say that, yes, a hairdresser goes to school, but so did my doctor. ... (81 replies)
... THANK YOU! i so agree. people who are saying they need to get these super tips for their service....its your JOB thast what you are supposed to do. if you get a tip out of it then great. but you are supposed to be polite you are supposed to give good service it is your JOB to do that! ... (81 replies)
... Agree completely! (81 replies)

... hat I keep hearing you guys say is that if the service was crappy you give less of a tip. I'm sorry, but if the service is crappy I don't think you should give a tip and if the service is always crappy then maybe the server shouldn't even be working there or the business should close! ... (81 replies)
... Its really your choice but I always tip guys who carry things out to my car, I give them like a few dollars. ... (81 replies)
... I was at Toys R Us over the holidays and the stock boy carried my purchase out to the car. It didn't even occur to me to tip him, should I have? ... (81 replies)
... OKay, everytime I ask my friends the question of how much I should tip my hairdresser, they give me an outrageous amount because most of them use their friends as their hairdressers. ... (81 replies)
... I personally didnt say i didnt tip, i tip the groceries guys as well. ... (81 replies)
... I want him to know that, so I always tip well. ... (81 replies)
... Now, I'm a dog groomer, and sometimes people tip us. We don't expect it, but it is nice. ... (81 replies)
... The main question of this topic was how much do people tip a hairdresser. ... (81 replies)
... IMHO if you can afford the should tip appropriately. When you partake of the service, you are aware of the custom to tip from the start. ... (81 replies)
... I don't know about all hairdressers but the hairdresser friends I have have to pay so much per month to work in a salon. They are renting a space. ... (81 replies)
... if you like what they did, tip well, you'll be back and they'll remember you. ... (81 replies)
... at the hairdresser im sorry. ... (81 replies)
... There's no tippers jail. What it comes down to is that one can tip whatever they wish or . . . nothing at all. What is important is how YOU feel and what feels right for YOU. ... (81 replies)
... that is what irritated me. I was told I was inconsiderate. It doesn't matter if I have had my hair cut for sixty or ten, that wasn't the point. The point was, I tip what I can. ... (81 replies)
... If it wasn't for people working those "crappy jobs", you wouldn't be able to have someone do your hair for you or wait on you hand and foot just so you can leave them your insulting $2. (81 replies)
... well my hairdresser only charges $40 for highlights and does a really good job but i still tip $2. and i agree she is being crazy. i know what its like to stand for 10 hours straight without moving ive had those crappy jobs. (81 replies)
... i always tip $2 for highlights and my hairdresser always does a good job (81 replies)

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