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... I have to disagree here. I have a friend who uses vaseline and she is 60 now and not a wrinkle on her face. We used to live in Arizona and it is very dry out there. She would slab it on and wipe most of it off with a damp cloth. It left her skin beautiful and soft. ... (8 replies)
... Wow, Crisco :eek: ? I wouldn't imagine putting that on my face.. but I'm sure it works for some people! (28 replies)
... I use vaseline in the winter months when my face is more dry, but at night. Not a heavy glob, but as you mentioned, a thin layer. ... (8 replies)

... The problem os mineral oil and vaseline is that they are comedogenic. In other words the seal your skin so it cannot breath anymore. ... (8 replies)
... but when i asked my mom about it she said that if i put it on my face it would clog my pores!! so instead of vaseline, she bought me some stuff similar to it. its called Aquaphor and i love it!!! ... (28 replies)
... I know a lot of people say it's harmful, but I know a lot of older women who use it and look amazing. Most women over 50 with great skin seem to use Vaseline, Crisco, or Ponds. ... (28 replies)
... Vaseline is a petroleum product,and I woul not use it on my face. Caster oil (hexane free) Is good. These things do not moisturise you skin,only lock in moisture. Try NaPca spray to hydrate your face, some health food stores carry it, made by Twinlabs. Allthe best...karen275 (8 replies)
... Wow, this is cool. Maybe I will try it tonight before I shower. I have really dry skin when I wash my face, and it gets irritated very easily, so maybe the vaseline will help. thanks for the suggestions! ... (28 replies)
... p I washed my face with a mild handmade soap and then I put the Vaseline on and hot soaked it with a washcloth. My skin looked great. Course, I just got offa my period and my skin is always clear by that time. ... (28 replies)
... onth, that blurb about .... DARN! now I can't think of which actress it was...anyway, they mentioned how her skin was just "glowing" on the red carpet that night and thought she had a facial that day. ... (28 replies)
... based products aren't as bad for you as so many think. Still, I'd rather use olive oil, jojoba or other oil. These oils contain some nutrients and antioxidents that are beneficial to the skin and can even prevent UVB damage. I've been using camellia oil on my face and jojoba on my body. ... (28 replies)
... credit to the product. If Sharon Stone were to have used maybe any number of other creams or oils, she might get the same result because she just has good skin and skin care habits. ... (28 replies)
... lol lol!!! that made me giggle. seriously though, all you need to get buy beatifully in this world is vasaline for lovely, smooth, wrinkle free skin, and sudocrem for the odd spots/rashes/cuts you may get. :D i dont know what i'd do without these 2 things. costing me in total, what, at most £5 a year for big huge tubs? ;) x (28 replies)
... I have never noticed any odor whatsoever in Vaseline - sort of scent-less to me! What is this Rich Moisture Cream ? I mean, made by who? And last, I am not sure how you could find a petroleum-free jelly, as that's what it IS - PETROLEUM JELLY! :confused: (28 replies)
... free jelly. Vaseline petroleum jelly is a byproduct of the petroleum industry and made from crude oil that is harmful to the human body. ... (28 replies)
... D a thousand and 1 uses! ... (28 replies)
... sorry, she uses the Vaseline to and she had one show she was doing it and the people on her show was to. Don't know if this is the one you was thinking about. ... (28 replies)
... My Mom has always used Olive Oil and does the egg white facial every now and then. ... (28 replies)
... I realize that genes are more than half the battle, and I've seen Sharon Stone with her mother, and she's equally stunning. ... (28 replies)
... To clarify, do you mean vaseline as in the clear petroleum jelly? ... (8 replies)

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