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Being diagnosed with bipolar has totally changed my spirituality. Before I became sick, I very much believed in a god and believed that life had rhyme and reason. But then my manias came with psychosis full of religious delusions. The religious delusions were so strong and seemed so mystical. During the psychosis I went to a christian church and 10 people laid their hands on my to exorcise the demons that I believed were attacking me. And then I was referred to a couple who I went to their home and they had their hands on me for 3 hours "exorcising the demons". So, now that I've come to terms with my illness, it's like I have an aversion to religion. Thinking how those people further reinforced my delusions by telling me they were true makes me want to be far far far away from any type of religion. And as far as faith in "god", I don't know if I believe in it anymore. Since I've taken medications, I've become more grounded and logical to the point of almost being cynical.

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