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when u find out I want to know too I have been experincing the short and medium term memory loss, or so I was told , I know that depression causes same thing. Certain anti-depressants can.. for me Welbutrin(sp??) can cause memory issues, or well you have the word there, u can even picture it, but u can't reach it to speak the word.. it's like the wires are scrambled and one part doesn't communicate well, I have heard of others with the same issue.. I am wondering if Lamictal causes memory issues...

I have been diagnosed as bipolar 2 and PTSD.....Having been taking meds until a month ago i stopped as i said on another thread.... I just had a episode today that was just out to lunch.....Someone asked me my address, i have lived at this address for six years, anyways i gave them the wrong address but the right street......Someone asked me a question and it took me so long to answer i forgot what the question was....I went to AAA traveling and when i got there i forgot why i was there.... Is this normal????I have had this happen in the past before my meds but on meds i don't really remember but i don't think i had this problem ...........Sometimes my short term memory is very poor....Why is that????[/QUOTE]

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