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... pm but still very hyper. I wanted to know if the Tenex with the abilify might help him to work in school. ... (1 replies)
... Now he is doing great. He has been productive at work, fun to be around at home and his voice is calmer. My daughter initially started on 2 mg 3 times a day and now is down to 2mg twice a day. She had the stomach ache and feeling as if she would vomit, but by the end of the first week that ended. ... (19 replies)
... Hi Cat! I was on perphe****ne(Trilafon) for about 7 years at 2mg. 4x a day. I actually had enough of the pill and stupidly started to take myself off of it and really went out of my mind initially for about 6 weeks. Remember--I was the one who did this and not the doctor. I told the doctor I wanted off because after my hysterectomy my whole system changed and he wouldn't... (12 replies)

... Hi hopetofeelwell: I was very interested in hearing you say you were on perphenezine. I cannot find another single sole who is or was on it. This is the medication I've been on for 12 years and my doctor wants me off it ASAP. I've tried and I get so depressed, anxious, weird thought process and I feel shakey inside. I do not actually shake or tremor but I've not gone... (12 replies)
... my husband was put on abilify a while back and he had to get off of it because he shook uncontrollably and rolled sweat like he was in a sauna (5 replies)
... Him. He Is Doing Good Only On Deperkote 1250mg 1250. But He Is Not Sleeping Good So We Are Today And He Agreed To Give Him Abilify 10mg. Our Doc Said It Will Help And Give It Two Week? ... (5 replies)
... then it's hard to find upper mg's to get them to do the right job, or find new meds to do the right job. I'm used to it, I change or tweak meds just about every 2 weeks, so it's nothing new. ... (27 replies)
... Release Tablets, give the same total daily dose when possible. Most patients on maintenance therapy are stabilized on 900 mg daily, e.g., ESKALITH CR 450 mg b.i.d. ... (4 replies)
... hi irish, i take 15 mg abilify. has made all the diff for me. i am good now. ... (223 replies)
... I am new to the board but was searching for any answers on Abilify and insomnia. I have treatment resistant depression with Bipolar I. Since going off Zyprexa and the weight gain of over 100 pounds my pdoc put me on Abilify . ... (25 replies)
... The Abilify is 5 mg each evening and they just increased her Celexa from 5mg to 10mg and we were instructed to get her to take that each morning and eventually get her up to 20mg. ... (13 replies)
... starting just at 2 mg, and I'll see her in a month to see if I can stay at this or get moved up to 5 mg. This is in addition to the Lamictal and Klonopin I'm already taking. ... (15 replies)
Add on to Abilify?
Dec 30, 2006
... I don't think it is supposed to cause much weight gain, and it really helped me. Depending on symptoms, I vary between 15 and 45 mg a day. Good luck! P.S. I take 5 mg a day abilify, and am going to ask to up to 10mg in 2 pills, to give me more opportunity to respond to symptoms. Just fyi. ... (10 replies)
Dec 4, 2009
... I started on a low dose of Abilify too, and gradually worked up to my maintenance dose of 30 mg.... I soooo love this medication... it has worked wonders for me... ... (8 replies)
... I am on Abilify 20 mg and have been for almost 3 years and I love it. It calms me down, gets rid of my psychotic symptoms, and helps regulate my moods. ... (5 replies)
Newbie here
Aug 13, 2012
... s Dx back in 2009 after a severe manic episode. I stayed awake for 8 days. My PCP caught on to the mess I was in after I had major change in my personality about 2 days into my 8 day awake period. He sent me to a wonderful psychiatrist that Dx me with bipolar I disorder, PTSD, OCD, and anxiety problems. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, all. My doc has just given me lexapro and says to quarter it (2.5 mg) because I don't metabolize medications well. My past experiences with zoloft and prozac were very unpleasant--zoloft, had head tics (i know, that's weird) -- prozax had panic attacks Tried Abilify (2 mg) and fainted from it. Tried depakote and gained tremendous amount of weight. Right now on... (8 replies)
Aug 21, 2007
... I haven't posted in a while so I don't know if anyone remembers me or not and for those of you who don't i am a 22 year old female dxd bipolar 1 for 8 years well anyways I am really not sure what i am experiencing see i have most of the mania symptoms seeing as I ve only slept about 3 hours in 4 days my thoughts are racing so fast that i can't keep up with them also being... (0 replies)
May 23, 2006
... I've been taking Lamictal for 2 years. I like it. I didn't start to feel any better until I reached 150 mg, I am now at 250 mg with 5 mg abilify. Each time my dose was increased I became moody and weepy but held out, and am glad I did. ... (15 replies)
Dec 12, 2009
... i was on celexa for 2 weeks and had a really bad reaction to it... crying spells, anger and rapid cycling... my doc switched me to 100 mg topamax, 30 mg abilify and 1 mg klonopin 2 times a day... has anyone had this combo before and i'm really concerned about not being on an antidepressant... ... (1 replies)

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