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Hello everyone,
And thanks for being here. I went to my Pdoc yesterday and we talked about my going out of work on disabilty. I have a sressful job and I have been so up and down this year. My bipolar has gotten worse. I am worried about going off work. I have FMLA and then I will go to short term and then long term disabilty while I file with social security. He said that one day I can work part-time or try to get some other kind of work. I have to go through my job with the disablity to have some kind of income. I am scared to stop working. It is a Catch 22 situation. Any advice from anyone? What do you do all day? I was out for 3 weeks last month. I do not want to go on this way. Any help would be much appreciated.
Now, as I am 17 years old, I may not be the best person to answer this question. But it seems to me that I can relate.
I had to stop going to school for about 3 months my sophomore year and just have tutors come to my house when I could handle them. It was awful, but it was also a time of, sort of regrouping and healing (to the best of my ability). It was a drag in that I had to make up a lot of work all summer and into the next year, but I got what I needed.
I regret to say that I don't really know a whole lot about disability income and such. However, I know that taking a break from what you are doing and then coming back to it once things have improved can really be beneficial.
Kristina :wave:
Thanks Kristina,
I appreciate your input. I am glad at 17 that you have insight into this illness and can know enough to take time off. I wish when I was 17 I knew why I was so crazy! I am now 45 and grateful to have been diagnosed in time. No matter what our age, we have valuable experiences to share with each other. I wish all the best for you and a lifetime of health and happiness. Thanks again for taking the time to reply to me.
Sonia, I would try to keep with work as long as you can and use this as a distraction. If it gets so bad that you cant function then that would be the time to think about long term leaves or disability. I have been off work with FMLA and had a stint of long term disability as well. Short temr disability is great and really gives you the time to work things out.

When you say long term disability I am not sure if you mean permanent.

My Uncle has bipolar real bad and went on permanenet disability/SSI. From his, mine, and the experience of others I have met with mental illness it is very hard to get long term disability approved for mental conditions. This is prejudice but that is the reality. The folks who determine if you are elgible are skeptical and make you jump through hoops and the approval process is long and tedious with tons of paperwork and most likely hiring a lawyer as they usually reject your claim for SSI or disability the first one or two times. In short you have to prove you cannot function in any capacity on a job(any job, not just the job you are working on). This may sound like a crass way to put it but as one lawyer told me you have to be 'really messed up' to qualify for permanenet or long term disability. Many folks are denied. I would try your best to continue in your current job. I know its hard and have been there but things do get better for many of us with these illnesses. Also, once you go on long term disability and try for another job its real hard to get employment afterwards if you have a real high paying job. I know this may sound negative but it is reality.

Also long term disability may be just what some people dont need when they think they do. The reason is they get into a routine where they have more and more time to dwell on their issues and their life becomes unstructured and this just makes things worse. Self esteem goes down and other issues crop up. I saw this happen to my Uncle. He actually got worse.
In short my opinion is long term /permanenet disability is not what its cracked up to be and you shouldnt look at it as something that will fix your problems or make you better. It is a good thing to have available but my suggestion is use it only if you are at wits end and your doctor reccomends this as a good option. I would just try to work it out with short term disability and/or part time work if you can.

Best of luck to you.
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I understand how you feel, I quit my job 2 weeks ago, and I am stuck trying to find a new job, plus just feeling out of sorts, I just want to be left alone for a while, and wish I could get financial help to pull through.

I did at one point have disability, but they pulled it due to my husband's income, it was flustrating, I had to go back to work to pay back money at that time they over paid. I had not thought about checking back with them until I seen your post, I think I will since things have not been getting better, and I don't have insurance to keep up with the medications recently I got back on taking.

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