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Hi Kari!

Well, Bipolar can cause stormy relationships. However, it generally depends on how that person handles their illness. Frequently, though, bipolar runs hand in hand with other mental disorders or substance abuse. Many times, it is these other issues that cause the stormy relationships. For example, I am bipolar, but my bp doesn't affect my relationships much. Except when I am depressed, and then I don't really want to be around people. However, I also suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder. My Borderline makes me want to be close to people and push them away all at the same time. So, to answer your question, it could potentially be the bipolar, or it could be something else coinciding with it. Generally, if the person is trying to push you away, they really don't want to. At least for me, when I'm pushing, I usually want someone to grab me by the wrist, pull me close, and give me a big hug. Tell me they are willing to love me even when I don't love myself. Hope I could help!

Hundtoft :wave:

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