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Re: Choosing a pdr.
Oct 20, 2004
i take it pdr is not physicians desk reference. medicine is trial an error, psychology issues are worse.. the psychitrist or psychologist will question u, past and present, if internal medicine is ruled out, as in hormones, thyroid, and whatever.. does it run in the family, then they look upstairs.. if you don't spill all that is going on.. no one else can help u either.. i've been through SSRI's, they have to be the worse drugs on the and the market..

It is still not known at this time what causes depression or the BPD.

Wellburtin can be used to treat BPD, but that doesn't mean it will work for you.. even after u take it for 3 months, and the dosage is at 600mg..

zoloft is famous for agitation and irratibilty.

I left seeng a psychiatrist as my last resort, I felt I was hanging by a thread and ready to let go.. There are lots of other meds out there, they just have to find one that works best for u..

Having your sex drive being rather high could be a lot of things, however it is mentioned as a sign u may have BPD.. if one moment u are :bouncing: and the next crying your eyes, out,... it's time to see a head doctor psychologist are the ones who truely study the mind, psychiatrist are the ones who are referred to as shrinks.. psychiatry and the treatment of the mind seems to STILL Be a taboo and looked down upon issue.. but the body needs to be treated as a whole, top to bottom, and insurance should not be allowed to separate the two.. psychiatrist are the MD's.. I am BP1 and on lamictal..
the thoughts of suicide are gone.. but what works for me, doesn't mean it will work for you..

good luck

[QUOTE=gracetoo71]i know it is time for me to take the next step and visit a pdr. my reg. dr. is not helping me and doesn't seem to know what she is doing. after taking three differ meds (zoloft, effexor, wellbutrin) and explaining to her that my irriatability has worstened, my sex drive is extreamly high, and i don't seem to need much sleep she gave me another pill, lexapro. my frustration led me to the net and looking at the boards. my side effects are considered manic, yet she has not tried any meds to help this manic behavior. the wellbutrin severly worstened manic, the effexor worked wonders for my panic, anxiety, and depression, but the manic was there. i haven't taken lexapro long enough to feel the effects yet, but hope it doesn't lead to more manic. i am worried one day i will give into these thoughts and desires that i wouldn't have if i was stable or manic.
anyone have advice on chooding a pdr? i am still not comfortable with the idea, but know i must do something before i make another life changing decision that i may regret while in this mood. i am not comfortable asking my reg. dr that i am currently seeing for a pdr. good stories, bad stories, anything you have to offer that might help me choose a pdr, or ease my discomfort about seeking a "shrink". how much does it help in seeing a pdr? i am so :confused: . thank you for putting up with me :) best wishes to you and take care.[/QUOTE]

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