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Hedge, you are a sweetheart... But would you decide to "beat" Type I diabetes by refusing insulin??
I'm starting to feel like you are more on the "physiologically based mood disorders are a sign of weakness" way of thinking and I know you are alot more intelligent than that.

I was raised in a two parent home with no strife, alcoholism, abuse, well... let's just say "Ozzie & Harriet". We were encouraged, we went to church, we received affection and love.
At age 13 - about the time my estrogen kicked in I came down with the first symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. My maternal grandmother's kicked in when estrogen left at menopause, and my sister is cyclothymic.

It's nice to pretend that this isn't a disease. It's nice to think that it's mind over matter. Or a bad childhood. Or faulty coping mechanisms.
But then MANY more people would have this Disorder!
But where does Dr. Glasser's theory help me and thousands of other Bipolars who are prefectly fine EXCEPT for the mood disorder?

I haven't been to a psychiatrist in YEARS. The LIthium does the job that insulin does for a diabetic and there are no underlying psychiatric problems.
CAN psychiatric problems be caused SUBsequent to being bipolar? Of course! It's a very debilitating disease to one's life and relationships.

Do I have tremor? Yes
Do I have lots of thirst? Yes
Do I have concentration issues? Sure
Do I get up 4 times a night to go to the bathroom? Yes

Do I go through periods of spiraling into psychosis mania? No
Do I have periods where I stay curled up in a fetal position in bed? No

So where did my "issues" go that Dr. Glasser says caused my Bipolar Disorder?

I worry that people may decide to do what you are doing because it's easier than facing the fact that one has a lifelong physiologically based disorder.
Denial is a big part of this disease for most people.

You have the right to do this - but don't ignore all of the legitimate medical studies (not theories or opinions) that are ongoing in order to unlock the disorders that can occur in the human brain.


I'm not sure how rapidly you were cycling, but does Carol have access to these boards in case you hit a depression cycle so that she can let us how you are doing???

Ok, after all that, a big Bipolar Hug to you and you are (as always) in my prayers...

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